District 7

Gender: Male.

Name: Aaron Evergreen.

Age: 18.

Appearance: Jet black hair, teal blue eyes, deep tan. 6 foot 3 inches. Very tall and strong. Quite handsome.

Personality: Funny and yet very smart because he sense everything around him.

Skills: Amazing with bow and arrows, can set really good traps. Is okay with knives as well. Although better at long range fighting. Hears really well and can hear a twig snap 1/2 a mile away.

Strategy: Team up with someone who he knows will always have his back. Grab what he needs to survive with from Cornucopia but if he can't get to it in time he can rely on himself.

History: Instead of cutting down lumber like everyone else in 7, Aaron and his family were hunters and Aaron learned everything he needed to know about his prey. His mother died and his father takes care of Aaron's two twin 21-year old brothers, Ben and Connor, plus Aaron's little 11-year old sister Cate.