District: 5

Addie Boulvie

District Partner: Cytosine Johntson

Age: 15

Weapons: Bow and arrow, knife

Skills: Addie knows how to wield a knife and shot a bow and arrow. Addie also knows how to swim thanks to her dad owning a pool. She knows how to hunt thanks to her uh... special secret which will be described later. She also knows how to identify plants.

Strategy: Attempt to join the Careers, if they don't let her, make her own alliance with the best non-career fighters to kill them all. After the Careers are all dead, poison the reamining members of her alliance and go solo. Try to keep her secret a secret and in check.

Token: Her amulet in the lunaii above.

Weaknesses: Not used to being hungry, her secret.

Quote: None

Personality: Mean, cruel, heartless, funny, pycho at times...

History: On the surface Addie's life is seemingly perfect, she has many friends, is the most popular girl in school, she's hot and she's rich. But on the inside, Addie's pycho. She goes into the woods every night and slughters animals and once, she even accidently killed her best friend, she hid the body and no one found out but after that, Addie lost her mind completely. She obseesed with the fact that she's perfect and won't think otherwise. She cuts her family at night and forbids them to tell anyone. She bullies little kids, she harasses guys constantly and kills people she hates. Her parents baught her a 'magical' amulet that keeps her crazyness at bay, most of the time.


  • This character is nothing like how AB12 had originaly created. she used to be a nice character.
  • The nickname "Addie" came from Tommyboy97, who created the nickname for one of his games.
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