Alicia Calvert is a tribute made by Biel1458. She cannot be used without her permission

Biel1458's Tribute
District 1
Basic Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Height 5`5
District Partner N/A
Hunger Games Information
Weapon Throwing axes
Best Ranking Unknown
Games 2

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Name: Alicia Calvert

Age: 16

District: 1 (7,4)

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, insecure, skilled, likes to be alone, but will volunteer for the games and be a career.

Weapon: Throwing axes

Height: 5`9

Strenghts: Throwing axes, throwing knives, hiding, killing, swimming, holding breath

Weaknesses: Using claws

Fears: Drowning

Backstory: Alicia was born in the richest family of District 1, her father being the mayor of the district. She was born along with 2 other girls, Jenessa and Alinna, and they were best friends, but when Alicia was 13, a killing spree happened as symbol of rebellion, and her father and her twin sister, Jenessa, were killed at the beggining of the event, and Alicia`s cousin, Amanda was shoot in the leg by a rebel teenager, but Alicia loved Amanda, so she returned home and grabbed a kitchen knife to save her cousin. At the killing spree, she saw her cousin on the ground with the same girl pointing a gun at her head, so Alicia ran at that girl and stabbed her in the neck with the kitchen knife.. Alicia hugged her cousin, crying about her sister and her father`s deaths, but both girls were able to return home again, where they found a fatally injured Allina, who bled to the death in some seconds. Her mother, Katanna, was deeply saddened and, some days later commited suicide, leaving Alicia with only her cousin Amanda but since she was loved by her uncle, Amanda`s father, she started to live with him and Amanda, but the happy and nice Alicia was gone. Alicia started to be depressed, insecure and shy, and her uncle lost his job, so Alicia slowly started to be really poor. At the age 14 she started to pratice with a throwing axe, in secret, so this way she could volunteer for the Hunger Games and save her new family from starving. 

Token: None

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