The Tributes

District 1:

Female:DeathCharm Hanify

Male:Nathan Scarface

District 2:

Female:Asher Denney

Male:Ashes Denney

District 3:

Female:Saige Lightning

Male:Jack Raiser


  1. There will be bunches of mutts each night at 10
  2. There will be a tsunami at 6
  3. The Arena will be made of ice


Day 1

Deathcharm's POV:

I rise as something shiny glows in my face,when I get up all the way i see the arena is made of ice. What the h*** I say. The Gong booms as i run to the cournicopia but before i reach my axe i slip. I get up and run for the axe. I get it and the male from 2 is behind me, I burry my axe into his chest.

Asher's POV:

I see the girl from one kill my brother as i run towards her and fight her fist to fist. I try to get up but strangles me. She grabs 2 knives and stabs them into my hand, I scream real loud, Then she raises a knife and i take my death. BOOM!

Day 2

Nathan's POV:

I really  like Deathcharm but at the same time im scared to be with her in the final two, she killed 2 people during the bloodbath. She glares at me and raises her lip, in her mouth i see razor  sharp teeth. Then she raises her axe and burries it in my hand. PLEASE NO! I scream. Stay Quiet She says. I take my knive and burry it in my stomach, i dont wanna die but i needed to.

Saige's POV:

I found Deathcharm  near Nathans dead body, She turns her head, and sees me i raise my bow and  shoot a arrow at her, she dodges, She pins me a raise my  knife and pludge it in her heart.

she moans in pain but is not dead, then i see a giant  wave  behind a mountain and run fast, I see Deathcharm trying to get up but it was too late the wave had caught her,. I see Jack at camp. i tell him to run but he ignores me. And i see  these mutts after him and they pounce on him and tear him apart. Is this it? Am i the winner? Ladies and gentleman! The winner!

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