Annabeth Demeke is a Tribute from District Five made by EvilhariboMadness.


Name: Roslina-Annabeth Demeke (goes by her second, first name Annabeth)
Annabeth Demeke

Age: 15

District: Five

Personality: Annabeth is really shy, hardly interacting with others. She is a kind, sweet girl, who studies not only school subjects, but survival skills, in case she is reaped for the Games.

Appearance: Just past shoulder length blonde hair, pale skin, dark grey eyes and is 5'4

Weapon: Technology/Mind and/or Dagger

Strengths: Intelligence, awareness, speed and knowledge of plants

Weaknesses: Has trust issues, has no other fighting skill other than small lunges and she can't climb or swim.

Backstory: Roslina-Annabeth was born in District Five to Jason Demeke, the Mayor of District Five, and Lianna Demeke (nee Snow), sister of President Rachet Snow (the President in most of EvilhariboMadness' Games). At the age of 4, Annabeth decided that she disliked the name Roslina, and asked to be called Annabeth. Since she was 6, Annabeth read all the books she could find and tried to learn all of the information they held. She has one little sister, Jurella. She spoke little to others, and gained only a single friend, Korrine Hance. She has visited her uncle twice.

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