Annaline "Anna" Markden is the District 5 female user tribute made by ViniciusdeAssis1999. Her mentoring partner is the famous ??. She was based on a user named Annamisasa. Probably, she will not be submitted, just in Games which don't need backstories.

Annaline's Information

Name: Annaline "Anna" Markden

District: 5

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: A shy girl that keeps most to herself. She is normally not very coldhearted and want to protect everyone but some situations can make her go into survival mode however she could never harm somebody 12-year-old or younger cause she has siblings that age. She likes to be alone and use most of her freetime: writing, reading, running, doing karate or shooting with her crossbow with has been the only talent that she was good at the first minute she tried. She is one of those people who would do everything she can to help and others can easily take advantage of her. She avoid conflicts at all cost and when somebody is mean to her she often blame herself for it and says nothing rather than yelling back. She always demands the best from herself yet always thinks she will do worse. She is actually pretty intelligent in her very own way.

Backstory: -

Height: 5'2

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Crossbow, Karate

Strenghts: Agility, intelligence, climbing, games strategy

Weaknesses: 12-year-olds (killing is hard for her in general, but she would if her life depended on it), insecure, doesn't trust others, not good at making allies, fast decisions.

Fear: School tests

Interview Angle: She will be nervous and shy, but will try to act kind to the Capitol audience.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will run to outskirts, get one or two things, then she will escape away from there.

Token: A karate belt.

Alliance: A 12-year-olds or a sweet person.

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