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Meditating Glimmer, My Image. Well, even killers have to have peace..

Hello, This is all of Anon's Tributes in District order

Take any without permission, and I will cry.

Due to my ethics, I will not normally have 12 year old tributes.

If I did a games using 24 of my tributes, I don't know who'll win.

Tribute Birthdays

Month How many Tributes? Tribute
January Nathan D1 (14th)
Febuary Alice C (14th)
March Digit D3 (1st)
April Kurow D6 Yabbah D7 (1st)
May Ben D11 (12th)
June Cream D1 (21st)
July Kagu D6 (15th)
August Sadie D13 (3rd) Bliss D1 (4th)
September Alexander D13 (24th)
October Cinna Summer C (15th)
November Mystique D8 (30th)
December Nike D13 (21st) Jay D11 (31st)

District 1


Cream Donahew (DISCONTINUED)


Personality: Religious, bossy, loud, rashful

Skills: Killing (Any weapon)

Weakness: Scared of the moon

History: The high priest of the Solar Cult (He worships the Sun and sacrifices animals to the Sun God) Joined when he was 10 and became high priest at 12, when the last High priest died in the Hunger Games.

Family: Sister ( Normal.) Dad (In the Cult)

Apperance: Brown Skin Brown Eyes Red hair

Token: A sun Mask

Strategy: Sacrifice a bull to the Sun, along with other tributes

Nathan Powers


Personality: Cool, tough on the outside. Loving in the inside

Talents: Swordfighting, Knives, Bow and arrows, plants, snares, spears.

Weakness: He is sadly deaf.

History: When he was 8, his house was nuclear bombed by District 13 and he was the only survivor, but he has terminal cancer which will kill him when he is 30. He became deaf because it was so loud. Unknown to him, he is a mutant, with the power to rejuvanate most of his body (He can't cure fatal injuries). Bullies Sparkle, but he loves her secretly.

Family: None.

Issa Jackson


Skills: Swords, Snares, Traps.

Weakness: Bit of a bully.

Arena Strategy: Kill all of the tributes and win!

History: He is the school bully. Not that popular. He got expelled from school last year for setting the school on fire. He is an only child.

Family: mum, dad.

Apperance: Grey eyes, Brown hair, olive skin.

Personality: Thug, bully, Truthful.

Token: A gold coin.

Tom Ripley


Skills: Bow and Arrow, Knives, Stealth, Plant and Animal Identification, Snares, camoflague.

Weakness: Strength, Hand to hand combat.

Arena Strategy: Do not ally with the careers, hunt and trap animals as well as getting berries, wait for the other tributes to kill each other whilst he hides, then wait until there is 2 tributes left, then kill that tribute, and win!

History: One of the poorest children in District 1, and as such he had to take care of himself, his little sister and his ma from an early age. He hunts food, gathers plants and cons people to give him money. He is not trusted by the other people in his class, as he is shifty and shy.

Family: Ma, sister.

Apperance: Brown Hair, Grey eyes, Pale Skin.

Personality: Con man, sly, shifty, pathological lier, kind, friendly, cool.

Token: A model bird


Bliss Diamond


Skills: Hunting, snares, trapping, edible plants, bow and arrow

Weakness: Does not follow orders.

History: Rich girl who likes to hunt in the woods after a victor trained her.

Personality: Wild, carefree, nice

Appearance: Blond hair Pale skin Blue eyes

Token: A ring from her mentor

Strategy: Survive, ally with Careers

Sparkle Green


Talents: Poison, bow and arrows, snares, plants.

Weakness: Very shy

History: Bullied by Nathan for years, but she loves him. She was there at the nuclear bomb and has the power of mind-reading. She also is ill, but has a disease that makes her cough all of the time.

Personality: Caring, shy.

Appearance: Blond hair, Grey eyes, very pretty

Token: A gold neck-ring thing.

Strategy: Ally with Nathan and kill herself in her and Nathan are in the final two.

Appearearnce: Red hair, Green eyes, frekles, scars quite cute

 Naarah Tompkins.


Skills: Axes, quick, plants.

Weakness: Don't like allying with people.

History: She is the heartthrob of the whole school. All the guys adore her, but she don't care. Her family are quite rich.

Family: Mum, dad, 2 brothers, 5 sisters.

Apperance: Blond, curly hair, pale skin, Blue eyes.

Personality: bubbly, free-willed, happy.

Token: A diamond.

District 2


Mason Brown


Talents: Axes, snares plants

Weakness: Lost an eye, so lost sense of depth.

Apperance. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, eyepatch

Strategy: Classical Careers style.

History: Has a one year old son from an affair with girlfriend. Orphaned and has a little 13 year old sister, Alice. Lost an eye aged 8, when parents died in an explosion. He knows about Oscar Du Winter's crush on him, and he won't bully Oscar (Unlike some of his friends) but he won't date him. He wants to enter the games so that he can look after his girlfriend and his son.

Personality:Very shy and quiet

Token: Shrapnel from the explosion

Family: Sister, Son.

Oscar Du Winter


Skills: Very strong, Hammers

Weakness: Not that fast.

Apperance: Green Eyes, Brown hair, Pale Skin.

Strategy: Classical Careers, maybe get a guy to like him.

History: In love with a guy called Mason Brown. He is an orphan, and he is incredibly popular, however, he is bullied by some of his classmated in Distrct 2. He wants to go into a Hunger Games, so that he can persuade Mason Brown to go out with him.

Personality: Homosexual, Strong, kind.

Token: A locket.

Family: None

Ebrulf Brown (DISCONTINED)


Skills: Weapons (any), animals.

Weakness: Savage.

Arena strategy: Ally with anyone who wants to murder tributes and go on a killing spree (Hint, hint)

History: Lives in the community home because his family were excecuted for no reason. No known family (Though Ebrulf knows that he has a twin brother). Kinda insane. He is feard by most of the people in his district, as when he was 9, he tore a man from District 2 into shreads, and when the peacekeepers found him, he was eating the tribute.

Family: Twin Brother

Apperance: Grey eyes, Platinum blond hair, pale skin.

Personality: Fierce, savage, loyal, trustworthy.

Token: A wolf figure.

Alexander Brown


Skills: Snares, Plants, Bow and Arrow.

Weakness: Prefers to talk stuff out then killing.

Arena Strategy: Live wild, if a tribute comes ally with them.

History: Ebrulf's twin brother, jealous of him ever since he became a victor. Family excecuted for no reason, only escaped because he was with his girlfriend at the time. Unlike Ebrulf, he is actually, and wants to go into the games, so that he can have what Ebrulf has.

Family: Twin Brother.

Apperance: Grey eyes, Platinim Blond hair, Pale skin.

Personality: Kind, Nice, Friendly, Envious.

Token: A Photo of Ebrulf.




Apperance: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, pale skin

Skills: Swords, Spears.

Weakness: Mason.

Strategy: Career strategy

History: Loves her bother Mason. Lives with her aunt, uncle and Mason. Parents died eight years ago. Has a nephew

Personality: Bubbly

Token: A necklace

Family: Nephew, Brother

Ursula Shrapnel


Apperance: Black eyes, Black hair, Extremly Pale skin.

Skills: Hammers, Weightlifting

Weakness: Cannot talk.

Strategy: Classical Careers, get a guy to like her.

History: Is a kleptomaniac, Has been whipped countless times, and she was whipped in the throat, and her voice box broke.

Personality: Really quiet, Mime artist.

Family: Uncle

Token: Shrapnel.

 Zakia West


Skills: Genius, Plants, animals.

Weakness: Can't fight.

Arena straegy: Forage for plants, find dead animals.

History: Likes the forest so always goes there to gather plants. Her brother was a normal career who died 5 years ago in a Hunger Games. As a result, she won't follow his strategy. Both parents are alcholics.

Family: mum, dad.

Apperance: Short, messy red hair, Green eyes, tan.

Personality: Intelligent, Pure, tidy.

Token: A medallion.

District 3




Apperance: Brown/Red hair, Brown eyes, glasses, mixture between black and white

Weapon: Bomb

Weakness: too clever for his own good

Strategy: Get the mines from cornicopa ally with Lucky and win!

History: Mum and dad own a factory where they make bombs. All four sisters died in the Games

Token: A broken antenna

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful

Family: Mum, Dad

 Peter Mage

18 3/4

Apperance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, scars

Weapon: knife, hiding

Weakness: Gets into fights and depression

Strategy: Hide somewhere with Belle.

History: He was dating a girl named Belle Taylor. One day, his worst enemy disfigured his face. He pretended to be dead and let his worst enemy die. Belle was tramatized but one day someone found out and told everyone and Belle and him got together again.

Token: Picture of his worst enemy

Family: Sister, mum, dad.

Jack DeSonne


Skills: Snares, traps, bombs, genius

Weakness: Quite small

Arena strategy: Make snares to catch animals, Traps to trap tributes and then kill them using bombs.

History: His mum is an inventor, and his dad designs bombs. So they both taught him how to survive, JIC he was reaped for a Hunger Games.

Family: mum, dad, sister.

Apperance: untidy bond hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Personality: genius, quiet, humble.

Token: A toy soldier

Ben Summers


Skills: Climbing, Running, Knives.

Weakness: Small.

Arena Strategy: Climb and hide away from other tributes.

History: He likes the woods outside of D3, and he is best friends with the most recent victor, Digit Starr. He provides for himself and his sister.

Family: Sister.

Apperance: Curly Black hair, grey eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Smart, Sporty, Serious.

Token: A photo of his sister.


Lucky Dawn


Talents: Swordfighting, plants

Weakness: Cocky

Strategy: Get a sword and kill people.

History: Mum and dad work in the Starr's factory as designers. Brother won the games, has two nieces.

Token: A Starr badge

Personality: Loud, rashful

Apperance: Ginger and red hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Family: Brother, Mum, Dad, Two nieces

Belle Taylor

18 1/2

Talents: Axe, plants, bombs

Weakness: Peter

Strategy: Stay with Peter.

History: Her dad is the mayor. Loves Peter. When Peter supposidly died, she sobbed for two years. Is happy now that Peter is alive.

Family: Dad.

Token: Peter's heart, a gem that Peter got for her.

Personality: Happy, Bubbly, In love

Lilli Wong


Skills: Bow and arrow, swimming, plants.

Weakness: Does not want to kill people.

Arena straegy: Hide until it's all over.

History: Her mum abuses her, her dad is a drunkard, so she taught herself to survive from an early age. She volenteered for her younger sister, so that the younger sister could live out her life. Bribed people to vote for her in case he was reaped again.

Family: mum, dad, sister.

Apperance: Black hair, really pale skin, black eyes.

Persoanlity: Humble, Quiet, shy.

Token: Her sister's watch.

District 4


Edward Teach (Real name of Blackbeard!)


Skills: Sailing trident hand to hand combat

Weakness: Does not know current affairs

Strategy: Imprision people on his ship and kill them

History: a pirate

Family: None

Personality: Cruel, sarcastic

Appearance: eye patch dark hair dark skin dark eyes Token: A sail

Jackson Ocean


Skills: Trident, hand to hand combat, speaks Romanian and English. Handsome, Sailing, swimming, fishing.

Weakness: Does not like killing people, also he does not speak english very well.

Strategy: Find water and fish for fish.

History: When he was 16, he was found washed ashore on Panem's shores. He woke up, only speaking Romanian, but he has now learnt how to speak a bit of English. He was born in Romania, a very civallized place. He only ended up in Panem because he fell of the ship he was on.

Family: Foster Dad.

Apperance: Brown hair, Blue eyes, deep tan, freakles.

Personality: Cool, Quiet, Mysterious.

Token: A platinim locket, that came from Romania.

Rebel Peacock.


Skills: super strong, tridents, swimming (Of course, he is from District 4)

Weakness: Quite slow and sluggish

Arena strategy: Don't ally with the careers. Kinda do rebellious stuff (Though NOT TO rebellious, that'd get him killed, and he don't want that! :D).

History: He hates the capitol. The capitol made him a mutt. A super strong mutt. He has not told anyone that he loves, because the capitol killed his family (SO they can't find out). He likes a girl, and he wants to get to know her better, but the Games destroyed his wish.

Family: None.

Apperance: Golden eyes, Golden hair, Tan.

Personality: Quiet, rebellious, Strong.

Token: A rope.


Sky Cloud


Skills: Trident fish hooks

Weakness: Scared of the world

Strategy: Kill Edward

History: A prisioner on Edward's ship

Family: Some people in the Capitol

Personality: Shy weak

Appearance: blond hair blue eyes pale skin

Token: Some fabric.

Iris Miracle


Skills: Really clever, swimming, fighting, sailing.

Weakness: Does not mind if she dies

Strategy: Fight well, if she dies, oh well.

History: Believes in Reincarnation. Taught by a victor to win the games.

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 brothers, 5 sisters.

Personality: Shy, thoughtful, respectful

Token: A doll

Xanthe White. (DISCONTINUED)


Skills: Swimming, trident, guns, Agile.

Weakness: Not that strong.

Arena strategy: Ally with Rebel, if that fails, join the careers. Kill all of the careers in their sleep, and find Rebel.

History: Wants to be a peacekeeper, so she trained herself to be a really good one. That's when she first saw Rebel. She wants to know him better, but the games ruined that, because she might have to kill him. He family don't approve, they want her to be a fisherman, but she don't agree.

Family: Mum, Dad.

Apperance: Blue eyes, Blond hair, pale skin.

Personality: Thrill seeking, likes danger, orderly.

Token: A star broach.

Ariel Seashore.


Skills: Swimming, Tridents, Nets, making boats, Fishing

Weakness: Has insomia (I.e. she cannot sleep at night.)

Arena Strategy: Stay with the careers or find an ocean or a lake. Build a boat and fish for food.

History: She is quite poor, even in D4 standards. Lives with her mum, dad, 6 brothers and 9 sisters. She did have four other brothers, but they died in the Games. One of her brother's joined Edward's crew.

Family: Mum, Dad, 6 brothers, 9 sisters, 6 neices, 9 nephews.

Apperance:One Green eye, one blue eye, Blond hair, Pale skin.

Personality: Kind, shy, Caring.

Token: A trident broach.

District 5


 Bob Nixon


Skills- Hands turn into guns (Is that immense?)

Weakness- Weak to acids Appearance: Grey eyes, Grey hair, grey skin.

Arena strategy: Shoot everyone except Jeni

History: In 2022, he was made (He is a robot/cyborg!) Stopped working in 2300 and was found and repaired by citizens of 5.

Family: Inventor

Personality: Calculating, Programmable, loves Jeni.

Token: A Nintendo 3DS. :D

Alex Blue


Apperance: Tanned skin, Black eyes, Black hair

Personality: Sullen, cold, brutal

Skills: Killing, apperaing hostile, stalking.

Weakness: Gets angry really easy, does not think about his actions

Strategy: Kill everyone.

History: Works with Torrent and kills people

Family: NONE

Token: A lighter

Ash Green


Skills: Axes, Genius, Plants, animals

Weakness: Does not know that much about people

Arena Strategy: Kill tributes, Join Careers?, gather plants and animals.

History: His mum is addicted to morphine and his dad does all of the hard work. One day, his dad died, and the mum commited suicide. All he had left was a baby sister. He vowed to look after her, and so he did for 10 years. He also taught his sister how to gather plants and kill animals.

Family: Baby sister.

Personality: Quiet, Quick minded, Helpful.

Apperance: Shaved black hair, Green eyes, Pale skin.

Token: A piece of grass


Jeni Frost


Skills- Hunting snares plants

Weakness- Shy.

Arena strategy: Live wild!!!!!

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin

History: lived at community home since 10 days old. Her boyfriend is Bob Nixon

Family: None

Personality: Loves Bob, but is cold and ruthless and sexy.

Token: None

Torrent Wave


Talents: Manipulating, Killing

Personality: Cute on the outside. ruthless on the inside

Weakness: Scared of water

Arena strategy: Ally with people using her cutness, then kill them!!

Family: None

History: Lives on the street and tricks people to come to her, then she kills them and loots them with a guy called Alex Blue

Token: A lighter

Drew Summertime


Skills: Weapons (Any)

Weakness: Does not know stuff about the wild.

Arena strategy: Kill, Join Careers?

History: Was trained for the games by a desperate victor, but the victor forgot to teach her about plants/ animals. Her dad gathers the food on the table, and he taught her elder brother to do it when he was dead (The dad)

Family: Mum, dad, brother

Personality: Sadistic, Cruel, Brash

Apperance: Blond, long hair, Deep, blue eyes, perfect, pale skin

Token: A axe pendant.

District 6


Simon Nickel


Skills: Hunting snares plants

Weakness: Ebony

Apperance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Arena staregy- hide ally with Ebony kill himself for Ebony.

History- He is in love with Ebony and helps her to find her brother.

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 brothers

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful

Token: A ring from Ebony

Kurow Breeze


Talents: Tiny bit eletric, Can fly with wings, hover without them. Musician, Intellegent.

Weakness: Coward.

Arena Strategy: Fly somewhere safe and hide for most of the tornament.

Appearence: Blond hair, Black eyes, pale skin.

History: Just a really clever kid, who has a knowledge unknown to most humans. Is a living doll created by a guy called Waka

Family: Waka

Personality: Coward, pretty cool

Token: His wings

William Jamesone


Skills: Hunting, Poisions, Snares

Weakness: Not that fast.

Arena Strategy: Put poision on weapons and kill tributes. Hunt creatures and eat.

History: Ran away from home and lived on the street. He liked hunting, and so taught himself how to hunt. He has a reason why he wanted away, his dad had killed his twin brother, his 3 sisters, and his mum.

Family: Insane Dad.

Personality: Secretive, Dark, Scared.

Token: A lock of his twin's hair.

Apperance: Blue eyes, Ginger hair, pale skin.


Ebony Black


Skills: poison, killing.

Weakness: Her brother.

Apperance: Black hair, black eyes

Arena strategy- kill everyone except Simon.

History- His brother was kidnapped when she was 12 and she has assasinated people for the capitol in return for her brother.

Family: Mum, Dad, Brother

Personality: Tourtued, killing machine

Token- A note from her brother sent when she was 12 and he was 8.

Kagu Spring


Talents: Swordfighting, Can see hidden paths.

Weakness: Does not accept her duties.

History: A child actress, she is meant to be a Miko but she does not want to.

Family: Mum, Dad

Personality: Good at acting, so anything really

Token: A mirror

Ivy Greenwood


Skills: Very strong, Good with Hammers. Fighting.

Weakness: Not that quick, no knowledge about plants.

Arena Strategy: See a spammer (i.e. a tribute): Grab a hammer!

History: Worked as a blacksmith with her elder brother. Her parents are dead, died in a fire.

Family: Elder brother

Apperance: Short, Black hair, LOTS of scars/bruises, Blue eyes, big muscles, Tan.

Personality: Sullen, hostile, Quiet.

Token: Some coal.

District 7


Rowan Winter

Age: 17

Apperance: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Skills: Deception, killing, Manipulating, Stealth, Hiding

Weakness: Hated by everyone in seven, except the mayor.

Arena Strategy: Deceive and manipulating all the tributes to hate each other then hide in the Arena and kill tributes and animals.

History: He is a spy pretending to be a beggar, but most people know. He also tries to steal money of people in his district and is the excecutioner

Personality: Deceptive, Manipulative


Token: His outfit?

Yabbah Dabbah Do (Sorry, The name Sounds EPIC!!!!!) (DISCONTINUED)


Apperance: Grin on his face, Blue Eyes, Red Hair, Pale skin, Frekles.

Skills: Swords, Knives, Daggers.

Weakness: Hides his true feelings

Arena Strategy: Look Happy and confident, Kill tributes and cry privatly over their deaths, Hopes to Win.

History: Always pretends to be happy, but is broken inside because he has watched so many people die.

Personality: Happy on the Outside, Broken on the inside

Family: None (He watched them all die)

Token: A smiley badge.

Felix Fairchild.


Skills: Climbing, axes, bow and arrow.

Weakness: Cocky.

Arena strategy: Kill people with axes/bow and arrows. Live in the Trees. Return home.

History: Taught to be a lumberjack by Mr Summer. He is in love with Tree Summer, but can't confess his love for her. She taught him to survive in the Hunger games. He is an only child adopted by Mr Summer.

Family: Mr Summer, Tree.

Apperance: Brown eyes, Brown hair, Dark skin.

Personality: Quiet, Cocky, Clever.

Token: A picture of Tree.

Alex Xander


Skills: Climbing, Using axes, plants, strength.

Weakness: Quite Tall and very muscular- you can see him from miles away.

Arena strategy: Uses strength, climb trees, terrorise tributes.

History: Worke as a woodchopper in District 7, gained lots of muscle because of the work. However, he likes climing up trees and getting birds eggs to eat, and plants to complement the meal, so he is healthy. He provides food for his family.

Family: Two brothers, mother.

Apperance: Green hair (Dyed), Brown wyes, Brown skin.

Personality: Kind, desperate if put in danger, Quiet.

Token: A picture of all of the members in his family.



Age: 18

Apperance: Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin

Skills: Axes, Plants, Killing, making fires, survival

Weakness: Scared of Snow.

Arena strategy: HIDE, kill Rowan

History: works at her dad lumberjack's company. Also teaches 12 year olds how to survive in the wild.

Personality: warm, kind

Family: Dad, Rowan.

Token: Broken axe handle (Which has a secret compartment which has matches in.)

Zoe Harrison


Apperance: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, pale skin, frekles. Looks really cute

Skills: Taming Animals, Plants, Climbing Hiding, Hypnopsis.

Weakness: A mutt (Like Mr Sparrow, The dad to A District 11 tribute of mine)

Arena Strategy: Live with the birds and the animals, Hypnotise any tribute to kill themselves.

History: She was taken away adged 1, and was made into a mutt by the Capitol. She can hypnotise animals and people and was disigned to destroy Mr Sparrow (Or any member of his family).

Personality: Cute, Naive

Family: 2 brothers, Mum, Dad, Sister (Sadie).

Token: A note from the Capitol.

Danica Hawthorne. (Not releated to Gale, Gale is evil.)


Skills: Plants, axes, climbing.

Weakness: Nosy.

Arena Strategy: Discover everyone's strategies and make them FAIL!

History: Likes spying on random people with the help of Rowan Winters. Has a family, but she don't like them. Knows a lot of stuff.

Family: 2 brothers, dad, mum, Rowan (She considers Rowan as family)

Persoanlity: Nosy, Clever, Can't keep a secret.

Apperance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Token: A bell.

Sadie Harrison


Skills: Climbing, Axes, Plants, Animals, Snares.

Weakness: Won't ally with anyone, Mutt.

Arena Strategy: Live in the wild, kill any tribute that comes her way.

History: She was taken away by the Capitol and made into a shapeshifting mutt. She is friendly with her sister, Zoe (Another mutt), and is best friends with Tree Summer. She also will probably kill Mr Sparrow and any of his releatives.

Family: 2 brothers, Dad, Mum, Sister (Zoe).

Apperance: Blue eyes, Blond hair with red highlights, pale skin, frekles.

Personality: Smart, Kind, Friendly.

Token: A Smiley Face badge.

District 8




Skills: weaving, hunting, edible plants

Weakness: Deaf.

Arena Strategy: Hide and hunt

History: Lives on the streets works in the factory as cheap labour

Personality: Wild, thoughtful

Apperance: Brown hair pale skin grey eyes

Family: Sister.

Token: Photo of his sister.

Xavier Thread


Skills: Traps, Killing

Weakness: No sence of right and wrong.

Arena Strategy: KILL KILL KILL

History: Is an assasin for District 13, even though killing peple is wrong. His parents are allies to the capitol and his siter died in the games.

Personality: Dark, Reckless.

Apperance: Grey eyes, Blond hair, Pale skin.

Family: Mum, Dad

Token: None

William Oscar Davidson


Talents: Surviving, Loving, Fighting.

Weakness: Has a strong feeling of love.

Areana strategy: Same as Interview Quote,

Weapon: Prefably charm, though a spear is good.

One interview quote: "Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist. Keep on fighting. Keep on loving."

History: His parents are children of two warring sides (One is a District 13, one a Capitolite) and they both died together, in District 8, leaving him an only child, and an orphan. He was adopted by the butcher and he was in love with another girl, until she was shot. Since then, he has secretly joined District 13's side and is waging war on the Capitol.

Family: None.

Apperance: Tan, Blue eyes, Red hair, frekles.

Personality: Quiet, Loving.

Token: A heart pendant.

Tomas Rudolph Barrymore.


Skills: Hunting, plants, Spears.

Weakness: Insane.

Arena Strategy: KILL, KILL, KILL

History: He was found in the forests of D8 aged 14, but he is insane and mad, and savage. People have tried to civilise him, but they failed.

Family: None known.

Apperance: Green hair, Brown eyes, Pale skin.

Personality: Savage, Wild, Insane, Crazy.

Token: None.




Skills: Weaving Bow and arrow

Weakness: Her brother

Arena Strategy: Heal people for truces, then kill people.

History: When she was eight her brother went missing in a house fire that killed her parents. She thinks he died, but she cannot find out. Her adoptive dad is the mayor.

Personality: Orderly, loving

Family: Mayor, Brother

Apperance: Brown hair Pale skin Grey eyes

Token: Fabric from outfit Nylon wore when he vanished

Georgina Greenwood


Apperance: 2 eyepatches, No eyes, Red hair, Pale skin

Skills: Hunting, Bow and arrow.

Weakness: Blind.

Arena Strategy: Hunt, Kill tributes.

History: Has had a horrible past. First off her parents died, and she was sold as a slave to the mayor. Then she escaped and bacame a prostitute, and then her eyes were goughed out by her ex.

Personality: Shy, Cleaver, Knows how to "See" With her ears.

Family: None

Token: A figure of a God.

Mystique Cirque


Skills: Whips, taming lions.

Weakness: not that smart.

Arena Strategy: Tame a lion, get a whip, and do the games like a circus.

Weapon: Whip

Interview Quote: "The Games are like a circus!"

History: She ran away from her morphine addicted mum when she was 6, and she found a circus. Her real name is Eva Smith, but NEVER call her that. Her dad is dead. In the circus, she tames the lions and is really good at doing so.

Family: Mum

Apperance: Black hair, Black eyes, Pale skin. Looks mysterious.

Personality: Sexy, mysterious, quiet.

Token: A bit of a lion's mane.

Rebecca Ashcroft.


Skills: Juggleing, Walking in fire, Taming Lions, Balancing, swallowing swords.

Weakness: No knowledge on plants and animals.

Arena Strategy: Use her skills to win! Learn about plants and animals.

History: Her dad runs the circus, so she works there. She is best friends with Mystique and they do everything together.

Family: Dad.

Apperance: Bubblegum Pink hair, Purple eyes, Pale skin.

Personality: Lively, fun, cheerful.

Token: A set of juggleing balls.

District 9


Elder Thorne


Skills: is good at plants and bow and arrow. etc.

Weakness: Stupid

Personality: Is very dumb.

History:He has a sister. When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them.

Family: Sister, Adoptied Mum.

Strategy: Elder will fall in love with a random person from another district.

Apperance: he has olive coloured skin, Amber eyes and ebony hair

Token: None

Fredrick Thorton


Skills: Was taught by Ivy Thorne, so Planrs and Bow and Arrows

Weakness: His Sister

Personality: Quick, Cleaver

History: Has a sister (Who is mad) and a girlfriend. He is MEGA rich and knows everything.

Family: Sister, mum, dad,

Strategy: Kill if angred, but hide somewhere.

Apperance: Gold hair, silver eyes, pale skin

Token: A painted stone

Ivan Airy


Skills: Quite Cleaver, can fight with staffs.

Weakness: Doesn't believe in himself.

Arena Strategy: Fight with his staffs, and make no allies.

History: He was adopted by the mayor and his wife, and he likes playing with staffs, so knows how to fight with them.

Family: Adopted parents.

Apperance: Blond hair, purple eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Clever, Quiet.

Token: His favorite staff.


Willow Thorne

Age: 16

Skills: Bow and arrows plants

Weakness: Scaredy cat.

Personality: She is very clever Etc. Ivy's weakness is that she is scared of spiders, birds, heights, the dark and blood.

Apperance: she has olive coloured skin, Amber eyes and ebony hair.

History: Has a brother.When they were drawn they sobbed and cried. Parents abonded them to a previous winner who trained them.


Token: None

Quiosha Queen


Skills: Hunting, Swimming

Weakness: Shy

Personality: Shy, "In a bubble"

History: Is rich and her parents are bakers. She has 2 brothers and she does the icing. However, she spends most of her time in the woods.

Strategy: Hide and swim, and hunt for food. AVOID plants

Apperance: Green/blue eyes, Strawberry blond hair, pale skin

Family: 2 brothers, mum, dad

Token: A mirror.

Sveta Aaron


Skills: Hand to hand combat, quite strong.

Weakness: Her brother.

Arena strategy: Fight people/animals, hide in a cave.

History: Lives with her big brother, who is quite sick. If she wins, she'll get medicine to make him better.

Family: Older brother.

Apperance: Lavender hair, Green eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Quiet, Clever, Free-willed.

Token: A locket.

District 10


Satan Lockwood  (DISCONTINUED)

Age: 16

Skills/weapon: Good with knives and poision

Weakness: Won't listen to people

Strategy: Kill lots of tributes including his district partner and win!

History: Orphaned and lived on the streets killed 20 people including the mayor. Worships the Devil

Personality: Crazy, murderous

Family: Brother (Dragon Lockwood)

Apperance: Red hair, black eyes, pale skin

Vulcan Olympus


Skills: Climing trees, killing animals, plants.

Weakness: Scared of Water

Arena Strategy: Stay away from water, BURN STUFF!!!! :D

Apperance: Messy, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Pale skin

History: Dad butcher and his younger sister is his aunt and the other tribute. His dad 34 and the aunt 18. Mother dead, has one four year old sister and a sixteen year old brother.

Personality: Pryromaniac, Kind, Cute, Sweet

Family: Dad (alive) Mum (dead, excecuted) Brother (Alive) Sister (alive) Aunt (Alive, a tribute)

Token: Leather boots.

Xander Green


Skills: Animals, Plants, sword

Weakness: lost an arm (Right)

Arena strategy: Survive.

History: Lost his arm when he was mauled by a bull. He tends his father's herds. He is quite strong.

Family: Dad, mum, sister.

Personality: Quiet, hostile.

Apperance: Tan, Black hair, black eyes.

Token: Some leather boots.

Dragon Lockwood


Skills: Bow and arrow, plant and animal identification, stealth and camoflague.

Weakness: Does not like killing people.

Arena Strategy: Help triutes in need of help and hide in the arena.

History: Abandoned his brother after his parents died (Because he could not look after himself and Satan), and decided to spend his life helping people in desperate need. He decided to also teach people in the district to hunt. Satan only discovered of his existance last year, and was angry about what his brother did.

Family: Brother (Satan Lockwood)

Personality: Sane, peaceful, helpful, kind, caring.

Apperance: Blue eyes, Blond hair, pale skin, frekles.

Token: A statue of a cherub.


Abigal Springs

Age: 18

Skills/weapon: Bow and arrow edible plants

Weakness: Undescicive

Strategy: Live in a tree killing animals and tributes.

History: Orphaned at nine but looked after by her nineteen year old sister (at the time).

Apperance: Purple eyes, Blond/purple hair, pale skin

Personality: Quiet, undescicive.

Family: Sister: 28 Niece: 9

Venus Olympus


Skills: Camoflage, hiding (incredibly flexible)

Weakness: Hates being in a crowd

Arena Strategy: Hide somewhere, ally with Nephew (Vulcan)

Apperance: Curly, Brown hair, Brown eyes, pale skin

History: Orpahan, but looked after by her brother. Looks after her 2 nephews and her neice.

Family: Dad (dead) Mum (dead, ) Brother (Alive) Sister in law (dead) Nephew, (alive), Neice (alive), Nephew (alive, a tribute)

Personality: Quick, Clever

Token: Leather jacket

Elizabeth Scarlet


Skills: Plants, spear, Cooking

Weakness: Quite small

Arena strategy: Join the careers.

History: Trained to survive in the arena by sister. Kinda keen on joining the careers, so volenteered for said sister (Victoria), just to save her sister's life and to be in the games.

Family: mum, dad, 2 brothers, sister.

Personality: Quite violent, honurable

Apperance: Red hair, Pale skin, blue eyes.

Token: a stick.

District 11


Robin Miller

Age: 15

Skills: Good with plants And Knife.

Weakness: In love with Jay and Claire

Strategy: Keep Jay/Claire safe and if both are in final 2, kill himself for the girl

Personality: He is tough on the outside but has one weakness, he loves Jay.

History: He was orpaned and brought up by Mr Sparrow. The Only one who knows his secret Has one sister, Lucy (Age 19)

Apperance: Black eyes, black hair with a dyed bit of blonde, dark skin.

Family: Mr and Mrs Sparrow, Jay, Lucy

Token: A clue to Mr Sparrow's secret- A broken syringe (Mr Sparrow a mutt!)



Skills: Knife poisionness plants

Weakness: Loves Jay

Strategy: Protect Jay and if in final 2, kill himself for Jay.

History: Knows Jay and Robin. Has a sister, Claire

Personality: Bold, Daring

Apperance: Brown skin brown eyes brown/red hair

Family: Mum, Dad, Sister

Token: Stale bread.

Patrick Donaldson


Skills: Hunting, foraging, snares

Weakness: can make enemies easily

Arena strategy: Kill everyone.

History: Not the most popular kid at school, so that why he was voted for. No family, because they are all dead.

Family: None

Apperance: Blue eyes, brown hair, pale skin. Always has a scowl.

Personality: Evil, Short Tempered, Manipulative, Depressed.

Token: A braclet.

Benjamin Jackson


Skills: Hunting, snares, plants, animals, slingshot, climbing trees.

Weakness: Quite small.

Arena strategy: Hide in the trees, hunt for food and animals.

History: He is on watch duty, and tells people when their shift has ended. He has 6 siblings, and he has to look after them all because his parents are dead.

Family: 3 brothers, 3 sisters.

Apperance: Black eyes, black hair, dark skin.

Personality: Shy, Quiet, Deadly, Sullen.

Token: A watch.


Jay Sparrow

Age: 15

Skills: Can convert any animal to her side by mimicking their sounds can master anything, Bow and arrows.

Weakness: Loves Luke and Robin (but the latter only like a brother.)

Strategy: Hide with the animals- use the snakes to bite people

Personality: Clever funny cautious

History: Lives in District 11 and has been able to enchant any animal from a young age. Trained by a victor because of her talent.

Apperance: Green and brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin.

Family: Mum, Dad, Robin.

Token: A locket with the picture of all of her family and pets

Claire Heart


Skills: Plants bow and arrow

Weakness: Loves Robin and Luke (The latter only like a brother.)

Strategy: Survive.

History: Knows Jay and Robin, has a brother, Luke

Personality: Funny, Happy

Apperance: Brown and red hair, brown skin, brown eyes

Family: Mum, Dad, Brother

Sasha Tompkins


Skills: Plants, climbing, camoflage.

Weakness: Quite small

Arena strategy: Gather plants and hide in the trees.

History: LOVES climbing, and so lives in the tree. People voted for her because they thought that she could win.

Family: a brother.

Apperance: Honey coloured eyes, Brown hair, brown skin.

Personality: shy, sweet, kind.

Token: A ring.

District 12


Hawthorne Addams


Skills: Knife, killing

Weakness: The Truth

Strategy: Kill Birch and other tributes

Family: Mum, dad, twin brother, sister

History: Parents abandoned him and to make sure that he would not be given back to them, they called him Hawthorne Addams

Personality: Dark, secretive

Appearance: Brown eyes, black hair, brown skin.

Birch Saunders

Age: 15

Apperarence: Black hair, brown skin Brown eyes

Weakness: Too cocky for his own good

Strategy: Ally with people at day, kill them at night.

Family: Sister, Brother, Mum, Dad

History: Lived in poverty until sister won hunger games 5 years ago, Since then sister trained him

Skills: Hunting, snares, poisiones plants, bow and arrow camouflage

Personality: Cocky, rash

Token: His sisters token a mockingjay bone

Jake Woodwood


Skills: Very agile, good with camoflage, knives

Weakness: Not that strong.

Arena strategy: Hide somewhere

History: No family, so he taught himself to look after himself. He is a very good thief.

Family: None

Personality: Shy, Quiet.

Token: Hooded Cape

Apperance: Black hair, Brown eyes, dark skin.


Ashley Rose Saunders (Jefferson)


Skills: Plants, Bow and arrow, camouflage

Weakness: She loves her brothers, Birch and Hawthorne

Strategy: Live wild.

History: She knows that she had an abandoned brother. She won her games 5 years ago. She saved Hawthorne’s life in a flood.

Personality: Tortured, kind, loving, giving

Appearance: Brown eyes, black hair, Brown skin

Token: Mockingjay bone

Beauty Swann

Age 15

Apperance: Blond hair blue eyes pale skin

Skills: Snares plants knife

Weakness: Hates her mum

Token: Necklace

History: Mayor's daughter, reaped at 15. Even though she is rich, she likes the woods.

Personality: Nice, bubbly

Apperance: Blue eyes, blond hair, pale skin

Strategy: Hide in the woods with a knife and eat animals and berries

Family: Mum, Dad, 4 year old brother

Holly Edwardson


Skills: Cooking, animals, plants.

Weakness: Can't/won't fight

Arena strategy: Cook animals and plants. Live wild!

History: Normal child. Has 6 siblings and 1 parent. The other one died in an explosion. She looks after the family.

Family: Six siblings, mum

Personality: Happy, Carefree

Apperance: Red hair,Green eyes, Pale skin.

Token: A Drum

District 13


Soldier Thomas Adamson


Skills: Killing, snares, plants

Weakness: Scared of heights

Arena Strategy- Save tributes from death

History- Often sent into games to save tributes for the rebellion.

Apperance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Family: Sister (Priestess of the Lunar Cult), Mum, Dad

Personality: Cunnning, Kind

Token: None

Soldier Victor Addams


Skills: Charm, Guns, bombs

Weakness: No clue about plants

Arena Strategy: Find a gun/bomb, and deal harm to other tributes

History: He trained as a soldier against the Capitol, because noone thought that he'll be sent into the Games. No Family.

Apperance: Green eyes, Blond hair, pale skin

Family: None

Personality: Loyal, Dutiful

Token: None

Alexander Du Winter


Skills: Spears, Axes, Swords, guns.

Weakness: No clue about Plants.

Arena Strategy: Kill, ally with the careers.

History: Trained to fight against the capitol, so will do so, if he becomes a victor.

Family: Brother, mum, dad

Apperance: Black, neat hair, Blue eyes, pale skin, freakles.

Persoanlity: Stern, Short Tempered, Quiet.

Token: A piece of Paper and a pencil.


Soldier Elizabeth Coin


Skills: killing, snares, plants

Weakness: Scared of Spiders

Apperance: Black hair, Black eyes, Pale skin

Arena Strategy- Save as many tributes as possible so that she can help them escape.

History- Often sent by District 13 into the Games so that she can save people for the rebellion.

Family: Aunt, Mum

Token: None

Personality: Bubbly

Soldier Nike Small


Skills: Plants, Animals, Traps

Weakness: Not good with Weapons

Apperance: Black Eyes, Black Hair, Black skin

Arena Strategy: Live wild!

History: Misses her lessons to make traps to catch animals and learn about plants. A priestess in the Lunar Cult.

Family: Sister, Brother.

Token: None

Personality: Cool, Calm and Collected.

Sadie Williamson


Skills: Guns, Plants, Animals, Bow and arrow, agile.

Weakness: Loner

Arena straegy: Don't ally, live wild.

History: Often bunks off her schedule to hunt and gather plants. She only likes the lessons where she learns how to shoot.

Family: 2 sisters, mum, dad.

Personality: Loner, shy, Clear headed

Apperance: Blond hair in a pony tail, blue eyes, pale skin

Token: A ring.



Cinna Autumn

Age: 15

Looks: Pale skin Black hair black eyes

Family: Dad, Mum, Sister

Talents: Running, can use a knife and a sword

History: Looked after well until he was reaped. Loves his sister, Summer

Token: A music chip

Strategy: Stay with Summer and find a way for them both to survive

Weakness: Terribly shy

Personality: Shy, kind.

Adam Snow

Age: 14

Appearence: Green skin Purple eyes Green and Purple hair

Family: Grandad Presidant Snow, mum, dad, sister

Talents: None

History: Looked after with luxury and love until he was reaped.

Token: Rose

Strategy: Hide somewhere until it is all over

Weakness: Having President Snow as a relitive, Bad at everything.

Personlity: Nice, Kind, wants to help the districts.

Edward Woodwood


Skills: Climbing, Nets, Bow and arrows.

Weakness: Don't know much about plants.

Strategy: Hide in the trees, drop nets on people and then shoot them with a bow.

History: Lives on the outskirts of the Capitol, so he goes into the woods a lot of the time. He has no family.

Family: None

Apperance: Green hair, Brown eyes, Brown skin.

Token: A peice of bark.


Summer Autumn

Age: 16

Looks: Pale skin Black Hair Black eyes

Family, Dad,Mum, Brother

Talents, Bow and arrows Plants

History: Looked after well until she was reaped. Loves her brother, Cinna

Token: A music chip

Strategy: Stay with Cinna and find a way for them both to survive

Weakness: Cannot swim

Personality: Funny, Immense!

Alice Snow

Age: 13

Apperance: Green/red hair, red eyes, green skin

Talents: None

Family: Grandad, brother, mum, dad

History: Looked after in Love and Luxery until she was reaped

Token: Rose

Strategy: Hide somewhere until its over. Learn how to kill people in training.

Weakness: Grandad President Snow, bad at everything.

Personality: Dark, secretive

Lucinda Sky-Diamonds.


Skills: Charm, Singing, Agile.

Weakness: Not a good fighter or an outdoorsy person.

Strategy: Charm people and sing for sponser gifts.

History: She is a musician and She loves singing, but can also play the piano. Her parents are quite rich and she is well loved.

Family: Mum, Dad, Little Bro.

Apperance: Purple Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale skin.

Personality: Charming, Sexy, Nice.

Token: A mini piano

Children of other tributes that I own.

District 4

Harriet Elizabeth Rosalind Rosamund Isabelle Nigella Georgina Peacock (Or H.E.R.R.I.N.G Peacock.)



Skills: Swimming, Quite Strong, Tridents, Nets, Agile.

Weakness: Does not follow orders.

Arena Strategy: Do anything that she is told NOT to do.

History: Her parents are the mayor and the mayoress. She is quite rich, but likes spending it on random stuff. She is a half mutt, so she is quite strong.

Family: Mum, Dad, 2 brothers, sister.

Apperance: Golden hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Free willed, Kind, Smart.

Token: A moon shaped ring,

Cameron Oscar David Peacock. (Or. C.O.D. Peacock)


Skills: Swimming, Strong, Tridents, Agile.

Weakness: Scared of heights.

Arena Strategy: Ally with the careers.

History: His parents are the mayor and his wife. He is quite rich, but he likes hanging out with his girlfriend (Lucy Fisher), who is quite poor. He is a half mutt, so he is quite strong.

Family: Mum, Dad, Brother, 2 sisters.

Apperance: Golden eyes, Blond hair, Tan, 6 pack.

Personality: Cautious, Shy.

Token: A necklace made out of rope from his girlfriend.

District 13

Lilli Adamson


Skills: Snares, Plants, Animals, Guns.

Weakness: Terribly shy.

Arena Strategy: Kill her dad, ally with other tributes.

History: Loved by her family and her friends, The reaping balls were rigged so that her family could get into the arena by her dad, so she wants him dead.

Family: Mum, Dad, 3 sisters, 2 brothers

Apperance: Light brown skin, Black eyes, Blond hair

Personality: Sullen, Hostile, Wants justice all of the time.

Token: A watch.

Soldier Tyler Adamson


Skills: Guns, Snares, Plants, Animals, Swords.

Weakness: Free-willed

Arena Strategy: Hide in the forests, hunt.

History: Grew up in a loving family but liked spending time outside.

Family: Mum, Dad, 4 sisters, a brother

Apperance: Light brown skin, Blue eyes, Black skin.

Personality: Free-willed, Kind.

Token: A calender.

District 2/8 (Children of Ebrulf and Silk)

Najma Brown


Strengths: Weapons, strong, agile fast, strategys

Weakness: Knows nothing about nature.

Arena strategy: Ally with her family, and kill other tributes.

History: Her parents are two victors, Ebrulf and Silk, and she was born a year after her brother, Jadon. She is quite a brutal fighter, who loves to beat up guys bigger then her. :) She is also really smart. She taught herself to fight because she was bullied for being intelligent. She has a boyfriend, called Tom.

Family: 2 uncles, mum, dad, 2 brothers, sister.

Apperance: Grey eyes, platinum blonde hair, pale skin, muscular.

Personality: Tough, harsh, loves her family, genius intelligent

Token: A letter from her boyfriend, Tom

Jadon Brown


Skills: Weapons (excluding bow and arrows), animal and plant identification, strength, agility, speed.

Weakness: Has no left hand.

Arena strategy: Ally with his parents and his sister, then kill other tributes (Excluding those from 8).

History: He is the child of 2 victors, Ebrulf and Silk Brown, and he was born when Silk was 19, a year after Silk and Ebrulf met. They married before he was born, and he has lived in a loving home, and his parents taught him how to survive in case he was reaped in a Hunger Games. When he was 14, he got into an accident, which lost him his left hand.

Family: 2 Uncles, mum, dad, brother, 2 sisters.

Apperance: Grey eyes, dark brown hair, pale skin.

Personality: Ruthless when he wants to be, tough, kind, sensitive.

Token: Picture of his family

Unoffical Districts

District 0


Saturn Chrome (DISCONTINUED)


Skills: Killing, swords, axes

Weakness: Very savage

Arena Strategy: Join the careers, and torture tributes to death

History: The son of the Mayor of District 0, He has an older brother (Jupiter, aged 16) and a younger brother (Mars, aged 9) He also has three sisters, Ceres (aged 19), Venus (aged 18) and Eris (Aged 17). He is savage, and prefers hunting in the forests for animals just to kill them for fun.

Family: Mum, dad, 2 brothers, 3 sisters

Personality: Savage, Insane, Keen on killling.

Apperance: Purple hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Token: A mini sword token

Jupiter Chrome


Skills: Bow and arrow, Plants, Animals.

Weakness: Quite shy.

Arena strategy: Live wild, ally with Venus Chrome

History: The son of the mayor of District 0, He has 2 younger brothers (Mars and Saturn, aged 9 and 13, respectivly.), as well as three elder sisters (Ceres (19), Venus (18) and Eris (17)). He spends most of his time in the mansion libary, reading, or enjoying hunting in the wild.

Family: Mum, dad, 2 brothers, 3 sisters.

Personality: Smart, Shy, Kind.

Apperance: Purple Hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Token: A book

Neptune Miles Power


Skills: Swimming, Climbing, Exploring, Knives, Plants and Animals/Snares.

Weakness: Quite small, can be beaten in a fight easily.

Arena Strategy: Avoid fights and explore the arena. Live wild!

History: Engaged to Venus Chrome (However, he is in love with Eris Chrome), he is quite rich and enjoys his lavish lifestyle. He has a younger brother, Mercury aged 17. He enjoys exploring the mountains outside of District 0, climbing and swimming across vast amount of distances.

Family: Fiancee, Brother, Mum, Dad.

Personality: Quite, thoughtful, adventerous,

Apperance: Grey eyes, Brown hair, pale skin.

Token: A ring from Venus Chrome.

Mercury Pluto Power


Skills: Flying on a hot air ballon, Swords, Studying the sky.

Weakness: No knowledge about plants and animals.

Arena strategy: Hope that a hot air ballon is sent to him so he can hover away from the tributes until he wins.

History: He is in love with Venus Chrome and is jealous of his brother who is engaged to her. He hates his lavish lifestyle (except the hot air ballon) and gives a bit of money to the poor. He will be engaged to Eris Chrome.

Family: Mum, Dad, Brother

Personality: Kind, helpful, loves the poor people.

Apperance: Brown eyes, brown hair, Pale skin.

Token: A drawing of a hot air ballon


Venus Chrome


Skills: Swimming, Plants, Swords.

Weakness: Quite weak.

Arena Strategy: Live wild with Jupiter, don't ally with careers, make sure Eris and Saturn don't die.

History: Daughter of the mayor of D0, she has 3 younger brothers (Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, aged 9, 13 and 16 respectivly.) as well as a younger sister (Eris, 17) and and elder sister (Ceres, 19). She is engaged to a guy she does not like, and prefers that guy's younger brother.

Family: Mum, dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, fiance

Personality: Loving, caring, Smart.

Apperance: Purple hair, blue eyes, Pale skin.

Token: A ring from her fiance

Eris Chrome


Skills: Axes, navigating using the stars, healing.

Weakness; Does not like seeing people/animals being killed, or Saturn torturing anyone.

Arena strategy: Volenteer for the games, ally with careers and stop Saturn torturing anyone.

History: Daughter of the mayor of D0, she has 3 younger brothers (Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, aged 9, 13 and 16 respectivly.) , as well as two elder sisters (Ceres and Venus, aged 19 and 18 respectivly.). She hangs out with Saturn a lot, just to stop him killing and torturing people. She also enjoys looking at the stars. She likes Venus' fiance a lot (She <3 him), but she'll likely marry Mercury Power.

Family: Mum, dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters.

Personality: Noble, tiny bit violent, peaceful. (Contradictory, I know, but wth)

Apperance: Purple hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin.

Token: A star chart.

Pheobe Smith


Skills: Surviving, hunting, plants, snares.

Weakness: Cannot fight.

Arena strategy: Live wild on her own.

History: Pheobe lives in a tiny council flat in D0. She is very poor, and has no family, who all died of starvation. She survived, because she is good at hunting, and she also sells her body. She is in love with Saturn Chrome, a victor in D0, however, he does not notice her.

Family: None, all dead.

Personality: Hopeful, kind, unlucky.

Apperance: Red hair, pale skin, grey eyes.

Token: Nothing, she can't afford 1.

District 14

Pair 1

Sadie Green.


Tier: Purple (Extremly Dangerous) (Scale goes from White (Not dangerous at all) to Black (So dangerous that they need to be sedated every ten minutes))

Skills: Sword fighting, hypnopsis, mental telepathy.

Weakness: People can force her to do stuff that they don't want her to do.

Arena strategy: Hypnotise people to do what she was, and behead people with her sword.

History: She was taken from her family aged 9 months and people experimented with her, making her a mutt. She fell in love with a boy who came into District 14, and never got to tell him so, because he was experimented on as well.

Family: None known about.

Personality: Manipulative, Sexy, Really kind, Pratical.

Apperance: Purple eyes, blond hair with purple tints, pale skin.

Token: A watch.

Thomas Patrick Davidson.


Tier: Black.

Skills: Super strength, super speed, super agility, quick reflexes.

Weakness: No knowledge on plants and animals.

Arena strategy: Slay everyone except Sadie, and escape the arena.

History: Fled from District 12 because he was a thief. Ended up in District 14 somehow, and met Sadie and fell in love with her. He was drugged and kidnapped and experimented on. He became very strong, but he was corrupted by his powers.

Family: None known about.

Apperance: Red hair with Black tint, Black eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Corrupted, Hounerable, Sweet around Sadie.

Token: A photo of him and an unknown boy.

Pair 2

Davina White.


Tier: Blue.

Skills: Healing ability, immense knowledge, Can turn her body into metal.

Weakness: A pacifist, also no knowledge on fighting.

History: Taken away from her family aged 1 minute and has been experimented on from then to her 10th birthday. When she got her abilities, they released her because they did not want to ruin her, like her brother.

Family: A brother.

Apperance: Auburn hair with a blue tint, blue eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Kind, helpful, Sweet, Naive, Pacifist.

Token: A lock of her brother's hair.

David White.


Tier: Beyond Black...........

Skills: Super strength, Healing, Shapeshifting.

Weakness: Is slowly mutating.

Arena straegy: 1 of 2, he can't decide. End his life, or kill lots of people.

History: Taken away from his family aged 6 months and was experimented on, the scientists just wanted him to have super strength, but they gave him abilities that they did not want. However, he is sowly mutating into something they cannot name- A mixture between a werewolf, a vampire and an angel.

Apperance: Black and grey hair, sharp teeth, Normally Green eyes, white wings. Grey skin, grey tail.

Family: A sister.

Persoanlity: He is occasionly insane, but mostly he keeps control of himself. He is hounerable, and kind, but occasion he gets bloodthirsty (Pun on Vampire part.)

Token: A letter from his dad.

Jointly Owned Tributes


None so far.


Eternity Donahew-Celestia (With ViniciusDeAssis1999)


Strengths: Seducing guys, strength, fast, bow and arrows, swords.

Weakness: Cannot climb trees, identifying plants, does not trust guys.

Arena Strategy: Don't join the careers, and work hard on seducing guys to like her, then she'll kill them in the arena.

History:She was a fairly nice person at first, who lived with her parents and was a normal, hard working, smart pupil. Then she met a guy, called Max, who was rebellious and horrible, and she started dating him, and getting involved in his activities. But one day, they were both caught, and he blamed her for everything, and she was whipped in public as a punishment. Her parents were furious, and have permanetly grounded her (except to go to school).However, she ignores them, and goes out at night anyway. Now she doesn't trust guys and that's why she wants to get revenge on them.

Apperance: Dark blonde hair, green eyes, dark skin.

Family: Brother, Mother (Diamond Celestia), father (Cream Donahew)

Personality: On the outside, she appears innocent and kind, but in reality, she is cold and mean.

Token: A photo of her parents, Diamond and Cream together.

Other Tributes


Spark Volts.

Age: 18

Supernatural Type: Air Elemental

Allies: Anyone who wants to ally with him

Height: 6 foot 4.

Bloodbath Strategy: Create a tornado, which will drag many tributes to their deaths

Skills: Controlling air and electricity , knows a lot about animals and plants, knives.

Appearence: Platinum Blonde hair, gray eyes, pale skin in normal form- massive tornado when channeling the master of air (who you can name). I will make lunaii at some point.

Personality: Entertaining, kind, awesome

Backstory: Discovered that he was a air elemental when he was 14 years old, and has been training ever since. He found out when he sent a tornado to his home, dragging his family to the land of Oz (jkjkjk)- He actually sent them to death.

Token: A lightining bolt pendant necklace.

Ash Brooke

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Height: 6 foot 11.

Appearance: Tall, see above. Green eyes, red hair, pale skin.

Personality: Nice, eco friendly, jolly.

Weapons: Nature, and spears.

Backstory: The son of a knight in sector 9, Ash has always been trained to use nature magic. He has been preparing to fight in these games since he was 8 years old.

Family: Mother- April, father- Clayton.

Strengths: Spears, fighting wih nature, plant identification.

Weaknesses: Killing allies.

Fear(s): Fear of small spaces.

Abyss Jet Onyx

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5 foot 9

Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Personality: Nobel and loyal, but cruel.

Weapons: Sword, dark magic.

Backstory: When he was born, a oracle predicted that he would die in the sun, which is why he is scared of the light. This means that he is noctural, training, eating or living in the dark and not in the light.

Family: Sister- Raven. Mother- Ink.

Strengths: Loyalty, magic, sword fighting.

Weaknesses: Scared of light, nocturnal.

Fear(s): Heliophobia- the fear of light.

Athanasios "Ant" Vito

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Height: 6 foot 1

Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes.

Personality: Helping people, kind, sweet, but a psychopath (NOT ALL PSYCHOPATHS ARE BAD- LOOK IT UP PEOPLE, JAMES BOND IS PROBABLY A PSYCHO, just needed to point that out)

Weapons: Gun (Does not want to watch people die)

Backstory: Ant Vito has wanted to be a doctor ever since he could talk, as he has wanted to help other people. He lives with his mum, who has raised him on her own.

Strengths: Loyalty, healing people.

Weaknesses: Will not kill people.

Fear(s): Killing people.

Albus Riddle.


Apperance: Brown hair, green eyes, pale skin (Imagination running wild here!)

Personality: Psycho, intelligent, curious.

Weapons: Everything- as long as it can kill people, it is fine with him!

Spells: Undead, Demon wolf, Fireball.

Strengths: Fighting.

Weaknesses: Bad at stealth, cannot trust anyone. Curiousity may be the end of him.

Alliances: Go solo.


Token: The Elder Wand.

Sirius Snape


Apperance: Black hair, dark coloured eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Brave, loyal, but a tad bit anoying.

Weapon: Swords, Axes.

Spells: Undead, camoflague, muffled movement

Strengths: Hand to hand combat, stealth (duh), can be trusted.

Weaknesses: Annoys people, will sacrifice himself to save his allies.

Alliances: ANYONE, Careers in particular.

Strategy: Go with the careers, kill people and stuff like that.

Token: A picture of Lily.

Draco Potter.



He has platinum blonde hair, green eyes, looks a bit like a ferret and has glasses.

Reckless, but cold and insults people.

Staffs, broomsticks.

Healing, Waterfall, Undead.

Fighting with staffs, climbing, technology.

Making allies and sensible decisions.

Anyone who wants him.

Survive, kill anyone who annoys him.

Picture of his lover, Aliona Weasley.


Lucinda Lucifer. (Or the Light Archer, as that is her nickname)

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5 foot 4

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Personality: Kind charming, but will betray you easily.

Weapons: Light magic and bow and arrows.

Backstory: Lucinda has a job working with the Goddess of Light (If there is one, if there is, call her Palutenea, and I'll do her profile), which is defeating darkness and lighting up the world for a new day.

Strengths: Calm under pressure, bow and arrow fighting, light magic.

Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, Loyalty issues.

Fear(s): Umbraphobia (The fear of Darkness)

Azriel Dart

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 6 foot 4

Appearance: Black hair, black eyes.

Personality: Morbid, sadistic. Loves death.

Weapons: Sythe. (The weapon the Grim reaper has)

Backstory: She is training to be a Reaper, which is someone who reaps the souls of those that are about to die. (What? I wanted to add to the canon), as it is a family tradition. She enjoys it, unlike her twin brother, Nico, and her elder brother, Thanatos.

Family: Twin- Nico Dart. Elder brother- Thanatos Parents- Bianca and Thanatos Snr Dart.

Strengths: Killing people.

Weaknesses: Climbing, natural stuff.

Fear(s): Acrophobia- fear of heights.

Howl (Real name unknown, though it is probably Raven Wolf, as that is the only name on the missing children list in that sector that Howl could possibly be)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5 foot 5

Appearance: Long, wild brown hair, feral golden eyes, pale skin.

Personality: Primal, animalistic, hunter.

Weapons: Claws, hands, teeth.

Backstory: Howl was abandoned to the wild when she was younger, so she was raised by a pack of wolves, hunting with them and such. However, last year she managed to get caught by a knight in sector 10, and was brought back to civilisation. However, she prefers hunting to learning, so cannot read, write or speak. She only Howls, which is why she is called Howl.

Strengths: Hunting,surviving ages without food or water, surviving with animals.

Weaknesses: Cannot socalise with other tributes.

Fear(s): People.

Hermione Brown



She has frekles, long bushy brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin.

Personality: Swot, intelligent, brave.

Camoflague, Healing, Fireball.

Weapons: Rapiers,Knives, shruikens.

Strengths: Magic, lighter weapons, stealth.

Weakness: Strength, hates not knowing stuff (Expect some interrogations in the Games)

Alliances: Anyone who wants her.

Strategy for games: Get away from bloodbath, find one person who trusts her.

Token: An encyclopedia.

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