D11 Astrid Mitchell

Astrid Mitchell is a District 11 female created by Beetee19.


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AxedFox's 6th Hunger Games: 18th/26- Was in a team with her District partner, Reginald Turner, Ridge Hillsong, Candela Calor, Zil Sperry and Violet Moira. She fled the bloodbath on the first day with Ridge, and Zil and Violet were both killed in the massacre. When the remaining tributes were taken to an arena to fight one on one with other tributes, Astrid was first up, facing the mute girl from District 2, Ursula Shrapnel. When the gong rang, the two charged for the cornucopia, and Astrid got her hands on a whip and hit Ursula across the throat. Ursula retaliated by striking Astrid multiple times, but Astrid also fought back, whipping Ursula three times, ready to strike the final blow. But she collapses, courtesy of the injuries Ursula had given her.

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