Austin Mach

Austin Mach

District 13

District Partner: Emily Harris

Age: 15

Weapons: Gun, throwing knives, sword, spears and axes.

Skills: Strong, fast, hand-to-hand, climbing, swimming, can wield a gun, throwing knives, wileding a knife, sword play, spear throwing and axe throwing. He also knows how to be hungry, identifcation of edilbe plants, hunting, setting up snares, making fires, camoflauge and operating machinery.

Strategy: Team up with Emily and a few others (not Careers) who want to escape the arena. He will try to find away to escape the arena or at least get his whole alliance to survive. Rebell against the Capitol every chance he gets. Use his skills to fight the Careers and get good stuff from the cornucopia. If he meets a Career, he will kill them.

Token: A empty gun clip.

Weaknesses: Cocky, a little obssesed with killing Careers.

Quote: none

History: Born and raised in district 13 where he was trainied in fighting and survival skills. His life is pretty boring since he has to follow his schedule exactly. He watches to Hunger Games on his family's small T.V. and hates the Careers and wants to kill them.

Personality: Serious, calm, cool in a fight, a bit comanding at times.

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