This is HungryPanther's first tribute creation.

Basic Information

Name: Basion Braden

Basion Braden

Age: 16

Height: 5'7

District: 5

Gender: Male

Appearance: ->

PERSONALITY: Basion is often very quiet and shy when meeting new people. Though he would rather work alone in the   Hunger Games. He is very smart and organized. If he were to make an alliance in the games he most likely would be a leader using his smarts. He treats people kindly but when things get serious he will do anything to survive. He would most likely trust the tributes of district three for the technology district requires their citizens to be educated in math, and engineering.

BACKSTORY: Growing up in dristrict five there was never really much to do or learn. Being the district for power school was a must and learning science and math was needed for their profession. When not at school Basion would spend his time running. He would run in circles around the perimeter of the eletric fence. Three years ago he lost his brother to The Hunger Games when he was amoung the top 5 a hurricane swept the arena murdering him.

WEAPONS: Being smart he uses his brain more as a weapon than anything else, before his brother was picked at the reaping he was very good with spear and taught Basion how to use one.

The Hunger Games

INTERVIEW: To show his knowledge and seriousness for the games.

STRENGTHS: He is very smart and a good planner. He has a lot of stamina from his running.He is fairly decent with a spear. When it comes to taking a risk he will think it out.

WEAKNESSES: He is not very strong since he spent most of his life studying. When coming to a quick decision he will freeze in fear of what to do.

BLOODBATH: When the games start he will go for the nearest item to him. Then using his stamina he will run far from the bloodbath.

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