Bay Crest is a mentor from District 4. He was created by User:HawkWD and cannot be used without his consent.

"I did what I had to do in order to win. The question is... What would you do?"

- Bay Crest


Name: Bay Crest
Bay Crest

Bay Crest

Age: 22

District: 4

Gender: Male


How he won his games: Bay went into the games a true Career, taking 3 tributes down during the bloodbath. During the first night he poisoned all the male Careers, basically scaring the female careers right into his arms. He flirted with all of them, causing them all to become jealous of each other and to kill each other off. In the final battle he and the other female Career took out the other tributes. It was just the two of them and as he said he wanted to kiss her one last time before he killed himself for her. As she moved forward into his arms, he stuck a knife deeply into her back, making him the victor.

Mentoring Style: He's mostly mentoring for the Capitol women and wine, so he won't spend much time with the tributes. His advice to them will be to trust no one, not even each other. And to do whatever it takes to win.

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