District 4

Gender: Male

Name: Ben Fisher

Age: 17 years old.

Appearance: Reddish brown hair and sweeps across his forehead just above his eyes. He has ocean blue eyes that people say can tell the story of the world. 5 foot 11 inches. Muscular. Really handsome. He looks a lot like Finnick except for his eyes since Finnick had sea green, opposed to Ben’s ocean blue.

Personality: Kind, funny, and trustworthy to all he knows. He is sometimes very quiet. At home he is known to be a person people can confide in. He is an avid writer at home too. He really is a decent guy. He is a person who is not the smartest at tests, but the smartest at life.

Strategy: Join with someone he knows he can trust. Stay away from careers. He will not join with the Careers, because he is a loving person and doesn't want to kill for sport. Will keep his head on straight, by this I mean he won't become a psycho killer. Grab only necessities from Cornucopia (If there is a Cornucopia) along with a trident, or if he can't find a trident, a sword. He will really try not to kill, and will only when necessary. If he had to kill someone he would probably cry and getaway from the spot as fast as he could.

Skills: Incredibly good with a trident, and decently good with swords and knives. He also can tell sometimes what people are thinking (not mind-reading, but emotionally) and will have a big advantage because of that. He also can fish very well and can even catch big fish with his bare hands. He worked at a hospital and knows how to help if he or anyone else gets hurt.

History: When Ben was six years old, his father died. He really didn't know what this meant, but by the time he turned 8, he was head of the family. By the time he was a freshman in high school, he had four jobs, and kept the family well fed. He worked on fishing boats, the local District 4 newspaper, helped people with mental disabilities, and worked at a hospital. When he worked at a hospital through high school, and in his freshman year, he fell in love with a girl with brain cancer. He was sure she would be okay. He was with her all the time. But she died after a few months, and he had to hold her hand at her bedside as she died. He swore he would never fall in love again (wink-wink). He is an amazing writer and wrote many books along with publishing stories in the school and local paper. He won lots of money and prizes that helped keep him family alive. He worked on fishing boats since he was five with his dad and took over when his dad died and became the greatest fisher in District 4. He is known for the time he caught a Great White Shark with his bare hands. He loves people and disapproves of people who make fun of others and kill others because he worked at a mental facility and loves to help those who have problems. They are just like us but treated so wrong. Besides his mother, Ben has a little brother, Sam who's 12, and Sam was actually reaped, and Ben, the big brother, volunteered. Ben loves his brother more than anything. What Ben doesn't know is that Sam's hatred of the Capitol is going to explode.

Token: A small writing journal and pencil. Throughout the games, he could write down what’s going on.