~Basic Information

Name: Beth Johnson

Age: 14

District: 4

Gender: Female

Height: 4'9

Weapon: Crossbow

Personality: beth lives in her district with a smile. Everyone always compliments her for being so polite and gentle and loving, helping others. She is graceful, seemingly floating everywhere she likes. people also do not know about the 4 different pill bottles she has to keep hidden in her room to prevent and fog her homicidal urges. She veers every now and then on the merge of what is moral, and what is immoral, and tends to go back when she takes the pills. Inside her demented mind, she invisions everyone dead, pools of dark sparkling blood, and bleeding dismembered heads on pikes. But she has to contain this, so, on the outside, she is cute, bubbly, and sweet to everyone. No one... wants to get on her  

Backstory: After her Sister was pick for the hunger games and never came back she felt it she had to volunteer  

Beth Is Crowned Victor


Beth In The Arena


Beth At The Parade


Beth At The Reaping

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