Bik Shire in real life

Bik Shire
Name Bik Shire
Age 16
District District 5
Gender Female
Weapon Katana, martial arts
Best Placing **has not been entered in a game**
Best Training Score **has not been entered in a game**
Best Odds **has not been entered in a game**
Made By Yui Nii-san
 TRIBUTE MADE BY: Toast With the Most. TEMPLATE CREDIT TO: Yui Nii-san


A serious girl, Bik Shire tends to think things out very carefully. You will never see her without a plan. Bik can be funny at times but rarely. 


Bik used to be an obese, ugly, slug-like girl. She would eat all day while she studied geology. Her parents loved her, but other people.. not so much. A girl at school named Inprobus Iditoa would always bully her by pelting chips at her. Bik was broken inside and secretly worked with a makeshift Katana to murder Inprobus. Little did she know, Inprobus had been training for this moment herself. After weeks, Bik approached Inprobus and pushed her into an ally. She took her makeshift katana, and her eyes lit up murderously. But Inprobus just smiled insanely and kneed Bik in the groin. Bik groaned and a huge battle broke out. She had finally cornered a bruised Inprobus up to the corner of the ally and was about to slit her throat cleanly, but Inprobus knocked her out with a trashcan lid. Bik woke up somewhere dark and there was Inprobus looking viscious. She had a knife and Bik was frozen with fear. Instead of killing her, Inprobus started to cut off Bik's clothes. Bik bit her lip, not sure if she was enjoying it or not. Bik finally decided she was a bisexual and had an odd relationship with Inprobus. Inprobus smirked when she saw Bik's face. She cut her free with the knife, purposely slicing her wrists. From then on, Inprobus and Bik had an odd relationship (odd to say the least). One minute they were trying to kill each other, the next they were kissing each others' necks desperately. Because of fighting so viciously with Inprobus, Bik developed  a very new style and attitude. 



Inprobus Real

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