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Name: Billie Green

District: 5

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: Kind and can get agresive when he sees himself in danger.

Life: When Billie was reaped, he started to cry, as he is extremely scared of dying. Before he left District 5 he promised his mother that he would hide, and kill if confronted. He also said that, once the gong sounds he will run away from the Cornucopia with his hands empty. He's the only son of his mother because his parents decided the couldn't care for more children Billie really live ina wealthy familly but the month that his father factory was in a strike and he didn't got his money he had to get some food. With only one slip he got reaped

Height: 5'1

Weapon: Traps

Skills: Running, doesn't have to eat a lot and he can climb trees easily.

Weakness: He's very fussy about food and he doesn't like being on the floor so he will feel safer on the top of something.

Fears: Death and getting hurt.

Token : Coin

Alliance: Loner or District partner

Training Strategy : He will try he's best because he's not very strong.

Game Strategy: He will go to the middle to get something only if he sees it very clear if not he will turn back and go running to a safe place.


If someone is got this photo I,m going to kill him
Billie Green
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