Blade Johnson


Blade Johnson

District: 1

District Partner(s): Bliss Creme or Yuri Ling or Sparkle Cape

Age: 17

Weapons: Spears, shortswords and weapons of the like.

Skills: spears, shortswords, most other weapons, running, climbing, starting fires with matches and other stuff. He's cautous about foods, making sure they're not poisoned. He's also smart and good at finding ways to survive. He can swim and fish if nessicary.

Strategy: Career tribute. He'll show off to be accpeted into their pack. Get a 8-10 in training, do whatever it takes to win sponsers. In the arena he'll be with the Career but he'll avoid killing a alliance member or someone's boyfriend/girlfriend to avoid getting rivals. He'll also cary as much food as possible in his pack in case the supplies go out.

Token: Golden watch

Weakness: He doesn't know how to be hungry a bit cocky.

Quote: "Hello Panem, I'm your future victor!"

History: Lived with a rich family, his Dad works as a manager of a furnature factory while his mom is a top cosmetic scientist. He has one sibling, Saber (10) and has trained for games. He has a few good friends in school but isn't that popular. He's gott pretty good grades and loves sports.

Personality: smart, strong, powerful, brave. A little snobish, cocky and sadistic at times.

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