Buck Rockwell
Name Buck Rockwell
Age 16
Height 5'11
District 6
Gender Male
Weapon Spear
Best Placing 1st, VICTOR
Best Training Score 9
Best Odds 8-1
Made By YourFavoriteSalmon


Name: Buck Rockwell

Age: 16

District: 6

Gender: Male

Favorite Weapon: Spear, Rock, Sword

Personality: He is very overconfident, as if he thinks one is weaker he will go after them. He is cocky, often making up crude remarks about his kills or soon to be kills. He is very antagonistic, often antagonizing other tributes during training. However, he won't pick on those bully, as he helps them sometimes.

Likes: Throwing spears, calling people weak

Dislikes: Meeting someone stronger, losing friends.

Strengths: He is as strong as Cato was, and will no doubt use this to achieve his goals, most notably, earning a spot in the careers. He is also very skilled at throwing his spear, normally hitting his mark everytime. He has a high pain tolerance, meaning it will take more blows to take him down, making him a very tough target to deal with.

Weaknesses: He cannot climb trees, mostly because of his weight gained from muscle. This can be a problem when avoiding mutts or other disasters. He won't pursue targets for long, letting them escape rather than chasing them down and killing them with whatever. He is very over confident, meaning he always thinks he can win everything, but this can lead to his sudden downfall.

Family Members/Siblings: Bigger brother, little sister, mom and dad.

Appearance: See Infobox

Fear: Losing to a weaker tribute.

Backstory: Being in District 6 always upset Buck, as his strength was that of one from District 2. He would be hired by bullied kids, to beat up the bully for money to help feed his family. From these beatings he got stronger with each one. He soon got hired more money to fight bigger bullies, until one day, he was fought with a bully that was stronger and was very tough. His bigger brother, 19 year old Joshua Rockwell. Imagine Joshua as Buck, but twice as strong, twice as tough, and twice as overconfident. Buck learnt most of his traits from Joshua bullying him when he was little, and was ready for it. He fought with Joshua, getting dirt every were and having cuts and bruises. Joshua had him pinned, ready to take Buck's money and leave him there to bleed, when Buck grabbed a rock and smashed it into his bigger brother's head. It was then though his brother Joshua rigged the reapings to make Buck go in.

Token(optional): Nothing

Reaped/Volunteered: Reaped

Buck Realife

Buck realife (Thanks to Nick for picture!)

Team: Careers


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