Cadence Rivet is a tribute made by HeavyRotation that lives in District 1.

His district partner is Shinju Kagayaki .


Cadence has orange slick hair and light skin. He also has blue eyes. He usually wears a purple turtleneck with no
Cadence Rivet
designs, and brown pants with black boots. Cadence is 15 years old.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


Bow and arrow.


He's a very good person at bow and arrows, and also knowing which plants are poisonous and which are not. He also has a small stomach, since the rations at District 13 are small.


He's a bit tempermental, and also gets bad memories from District 4.



Tempermental, serious, totally bland, also a bit strict.


You would think that District 4 is all sunny and fresh. Well, not where Cadence came from. The District 4 he knows is very polluted with sardine factories and oil refineries. His parents worked at one oil refinery. He and his family ran away from home at the age of 10 due to starvation. He eventually made it to District 13 and then he became a soldier. However, his parents died on the way. Due to spy issues, he is currently positioned in District 1. He was reaped. Cadence had a younger sister called Sienna, but she was lost during his trek through District 10.


Don't ally with anyone from District 4 first of all. Even if it means ditching the careers. Just try to get a bow and arrow and make a run for it. Find a water source and then live off of it.


"You're so not going to do that."


A bracelet.

Games won

FITAO's Trial Games

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