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Cario Paradox is District partners with Maco Jerzy


Name: Cario Paradox
Cario 2

District: 6

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Cario has much accuracy, if he chooses a target to shoot on with his bow that he made at his home, he always nails it deeply in the very middle, ensuring that he will kill whatever or surley knock it down. He is also a fair runner, good with sprinting, but less with log distances but he still can run them very well. And finally Cario is fairley strong, when fighting somebody he can easily pin point there weaker spots and attack from there.

Weaknesses: He doesn't swim, not a good climber, not good with plants

Personality: Cario is more shy than outgoing so he tends to keep to himself more than talking to the whole world. Cario is also a person tat likes to deal with his pronblems, other than letting others deal with them for him so he is very self-sufficient and hard working.

Backstory: Cario grew up in District 6 with a large family of 6. He had is mother and father, than his older brother Hale, then it was Cario, then his sister Gran, and his youngest sister Vullna. Being a middle child he didn't attract to much attention from his parents, but just enough for him to stay sastisfied with his life.

One day when Cario was very young, probably at the age of 10, when he actually started paying attention to the Hunger Games, he watched a Career kill one of his older brother's friends, live. Ever since that day he dispised the careers and promised that if he was reaped that he woul kill at least one of them before he met his dimise.

So, he carried on in life, just trying to live it out like any normal boy would. But he wasn't exactly like any teenage boy. At the age of 12 he constructed a bow and a few arrows out of tree branches at his house. So every night after he finished his school work he would go outside and practice his archery, getting better day by day.


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