Cassa Silan was the victor of the 53rd Hunger games.


Cassa was born on the eve of the 38th Hunger Games (when Porter Millicent Tripp Won).

As she was from a Career District, she generally trained to be a tribute since a young age. When she was 6, Her home burned down and She and her Mother and Younger Brother had to move out.

They moved back in and Cassa started designing Mutts to afford food. She had to drop out of the Career Academy when she was 10 because of this.

She got reaped into the 53rd games, and the Careers didn't let her in. However, the District 14 male had a training score of 12, weighed 208 pounds, and had been with Cassa in the academy, and convinced them to let her into the pack.

In the games, she employed her brain; She went into the Cornucopia and stuck with the careers till Day 14, when it was only 2 Non-Careers left.

She hid, and eventually managed to starve the other Tribute, the D14M, and won fame in Her district.

After her games, Cassa mentored. She became known for being a Cover Girl, and designed her own Costumes, earning her knowledge as a Fashion Stylist and Magazine Cover girl.

Around the 60th Hunger games, she became a Singer (She is 23). She has a 3-Parter band with her Brother and Best friend, and is known as "Victor's Circle". Their Genre is Pop-Indie Rock, and has became a Billionaire since.

She owns 4 houses : The Victor's Village Mansion; A Vacation home in District 4; A High-Class Capitol estate in a Skyscraper; aswell as a Mansion in District 2.

She has released 3 Albums, titled "Love is Silver; Hope is Gold" (57 ADD), "Demons" (60 ADD), and "Scars"(63 ADD). The President wants to force her into Prostitution, but because of her Publicity and Popularity is Unable to.

She is also known for being a Actor, in many Capitol Films.

She is in College.

Personal Info

Education : District 14 academy of Sciences. District 14 Career Academy (FORMER).

Games : 53rd Annual Hunger Games

Full name : Cassa Anne Silan


Love is Silver, Hope is Gold. 57 ADD. Tracks : 8. Earnings : $5,000,000,000

Demons. 60 ADD. Tracks : 12. Earnings : $995,000,000

Love is Silver, Hope is Gold, Exclusive. 60 ADD. Tracks : Original album, plus 4 Songs. Earnings : $1,000,000,000

Scars. 63 ADD. Tracks : 16. Earnings : $2,000,000,000


Capitol Couture. 53ADD - Present

District 14 Times. 53ADD - Present

District 2 Times. 55ADD - Present

Panem Today. 59ADD - 60ADD.


Name Character Year Earnings
The makings of a Victor. Herself 64ADD 553,000
Panem Forever Herself 55ADD 1,000,000
Panem Forever 60ADD Herself 60ADD 1,500,000
Unknowledge Sans Golding 61ADD 5,000,000
The Caesar Flickerman Show Herself 55ADD 100,000


She is the most wealthy Music Producer in all of Panem, with a Net Worth of $11,654,900,506 As of the 75th Hunger Games. This makes her the 7th Wealthiest person in all of Panem, behind Caesar Flickerman at $32 Billion (3rd), Finnick Odair at $34 Billion (2nd), and the Panem President which automatically is payed $50,000,000 Once in office.

She is the only Career to ever win without Killing.

She is rumored to of had Sexual Affairs with other Victors from around her time, tho it has never been Confirmed.

The fanmade stuff like Caesar or Finnick having alot of money aswell as D14 existing in the 53rd hunger games is purely Fan Material <3

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