D5 Celeste Ryder

Celeste Ryder is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Five, and her district partner is her brother, Charlie Ryder.


Age: 12

District: 5

Weapon: Celeste will try to use a knife.

Strengths: Celeste is very intelligent for her age and is exceptionally skilled at deceiving other tributes. She will try to use what she calls her 'cuteness factor' to get a good ally or two.

Weaknesses: Being just twelve, Celeste has a size disadvantage. She is also not very strong in close combat.

Strategy: Try to get into a small alliance using her cuteness. If she likes them, stay with them. If not, kill them all in the middle of the night except her brother. Do this a bunch of times, and hope one of Charlie's bombs finds the Career alliance. Figures the Capitol will let both live if they are the final two.

Personality: Appears to be cute, smart, happy and easy to get along with; such is usually the case. However, every so often, she can also become a mischievous, backstabbing traitor.

Token: Earrings

History: Celeste consistently performs near the top of her class. She is very pretty, and many boys have asked her out. She turns them all down. When she was 9, she stole a quarter from her mother and bet it on a young girl from 9 to win the Hunger Games. When she did, Celeste won $10 and is now convinced she knows everything. She claims she had a dream in which she foresaw not only herself getting reaped, but coming out of the Games alive. She now feels ready to make that dream a reality.


Tiger Lily29's Jurassic Games: 5th/24- Using blood from an animal and medicine from the Cornucopia, Celeste fakes her own death. When an alliance finds her, she jumps up, kills Lokita Rainer, and escapes despite being hit with a knife. She then poisons the Careers' food. At a feast, she kills Illuminate Sensorium before being stabbed by Agnes Layne.

AxedFox's Examination Games: 7th/24- Celeste escaped the bloodbath and brutally murdered a rabbit for no reason. She then formed an alliance with Artemis Kane. After cutting off Autumn LeBlanc's toes in an attempt to escape a battle, she is killed by a knife thrown by Bliss Creme.

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