Name: Chakra Fatalis

Age: 17

District: 8

Gender: Female

Weapons: Dagger and Scythe

Strengths: Hand to Hand combat, Strength, Climbing, Stamina

Weaknesses: Speed, Swimming, Survival Skills

Fears: Father that beated her

Token: Red Bandana

Allies: Anti-Careers or Loner

Backstory: Chakra had an alcoholic dad and she lost her mother when she died from cancer when Chakra was seven. From that day Chakra's dad started saying it was her fault and everytime Chakra did something wrong he will beat her up with a belt. Chakra grew up scared and feeling pathetic until that one day when she was fourteen she decided that she had enough and she slapped his dad and left her home.

A friend of her allowed her to stay on her house. Chakra started turning really tough, she became a jock and she will do alot of exercise in excesive quantities every day. She became a good at Hand to Hand combat and people who dared to look bad at her got punched or trapped in a headlock. Chakra becamed a feared figure on her district and one day when she was 17 she got reaped.

Personality: Chakra is really tough and not the sweetest girl. She will be extreamly rude to people from the Capitol.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab something from the Between the mouth and Outskirts section and run away.

Games Strategy: As a loner: Target weak loners and steal what they have and run away

Interview Angle: Be extreamly rude to the interviewer.


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