District 8

Gender: Male

Name: Chance Barkley
Chance D8

Age: 16

Appearance: Light red hair at chin length with bangs just above his eyes across his forehead. He also has vibrant green eyes. He has a deep tan and has a very handsome face. He is a bit tall at a height of 6 foot 2 inches, and is very muscular. He has an athletic build but still does not do any sports at school.

Personality: He is very quiet but is very kind when he does talk. He is also smart but nobody knows because he just tries to blend in. He has so many great traits, but since he just wants to blend in with the crowd, nobody knows about them.

Skills: He really is very athletic, and very strong. He could probably use his strength for an advantage, and can wield most weapons, but his favorite weapon to use would be a bow and arrows, because if he was close when he killed someone, he would be so repulsed with himself and would be horribly unpredictable.

Strategy: His strategy would be in training just to blend in and try not to get noticed very much. Then in the Games, he would grab as many supplies as he could carry, but no weapons unless it was like a pocketknife or something. He would use his supplies to build a good shelter, but as long as it was a moveable shelter because every day he would switch his hiding place to somewhere else in the arena. He would try not to kill any other tributes.

History: When he was only three years old, he had cancer in his lungs because his house was built next to a textile factory and all the pollution got in his lungs. He was on treatment for two years, and one day his parents just gave up thinking he would most definitely die, and left the district to run away to a wealthier district where they had resources so no other kid would have to go through what Chance did. But his parents leaving made Chance distraught and he got even worse. However, by Chance’s sixth birthday, there was a new treatment and Chance was put in surgery. He was pronounced dead halfway through the surgery, but 7 minutes later, his heart started again. He never wants to kill anyone, because he knows how it feels to die. The only one who knows about his cancer in recovery, is the doctor’s son, Trenton, who has always been one of the nicest people to Chance.