Location Occupations Canon Names Explanation Possible Names


Gamemakers, Government

Cosmetic Surgeons, Hairdressers, Artists, Escorts, Tattoo Artists, Gourmet Chefs, Stylists, Gamemakers

Effie, Cinna, Atala, Caesar, Flavius Cressida, Cladius, Coriolanus, Castor, Fulvia, Plutarch, Portia, Seneca, Tax, Tigris, Messala Capitolies often have Greek or Roman names, Suprisingly, pet names sound good Leto, Agnes, Zeus, Clio, Vesta, Bacchus, Coco, Vanilla, Roxie, Iggy, Erik, Lysander, Elsa, Rubin, Bonnie, Scarlett, 

District 1 


Similar to the Capitol, Perfurmer, Jeweler, Vinter, Careers Gloss, Marvel, Glimmer, Cashmere, Augustus Synonyms having to do with power or luxury, precious jems or valuable items/resources Gleam, Ruby, Luster, Wonder, Hero, Prodigy, Ardor, Intense, Chic, Lux, Sly, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, Silver, Topaz,

District 2

Masonry and Defense

Mason, Finisher, Bricklayer, Plasterer, Blacksmith, Peacekeeper Cato, Clove, Enobaria, Lyme, Cray, Romulus Edgy Capitol names, Words to do with defense or military Ryker, Alexis, Terra, Ally, Slayte, Alertt, Regime, Ballystyk, Dele, Clause, Cense, Aegis, Dike, Garrison, Martial, 

District 3


Programmers, Electricians, Engineers, Analysts, Software Developers, Inventors Beetee, Wiress Electronic Terminology, Current Computer or Software Systems Techna, Byte, Mega, Kilo, Giga, Tera, Lumen, Vista, Mac, Acer, Vizio, Del, Vision, Bree, Electra, Gamma, 

District 4


Longliner, Trawler, Canner, Captain, Deckhand, Fisher, Diver Annie, Mags, Finnick Names with oceanic/water connotation, lesser known fishing terminology Siren, Coral,  Finbar, Slaton, Penelope, Bob, Alge, Amur, Sia, Gill, Dylan, Tide, Rio, River, Rush(er)

District 5


Engineers, Hydrologists, Technician, Scientists, Physicists, Geologist Porter, Finch Terms involving renewable energy sources, famous scientists, Some Natural Meaning Names Burn, Lymit, Genera, Tesla, Edison, Isaac, Martin, Alba, Nina, Nicola, Nicolas, Watt, Wattson, Hydro, Solar, Mecha, Kinetic, Dean, Ivette, Ashleen

District 6


Porter, Router, Mechanic, Conductor, Baggage Handler Titus, Jason Transportation terminology, Shakespearean and less flashy Roman Names Aero, Train, Moves, Raven, Night, Autus, Auta, Oto (Auto), Tamora, Hippolyte, Aaron, Tiberius

District 7


Lumberjack, Load Puller, Lead Climber, Carpenter, Paper-Maker Blight, Johanna Natural  connotation, Plant/Habitat terminology, Lesser known tree species Amber, Ivy, Thicket, Jack, Barker, Grove, Root, Cane, Caspum, Acacia, Hesmin, Alcove, Sequoia, 

District 8


Factory Worker, Dress Maker, Weaver, Designer, Manager, Teacher, Tailor Bonnie, Cecelia, Woof, Twill, Paylor Weaving techniques, textile material, meaning meadow or trees in a meadow Twyla, Silk, Cashmere, Dress, Kelsi, Flossie, Tecida, Lee, Ashleen, Steppe,

District 9


Cropper, Farmer, Plower, Sower, Harvester


Natural "wheaty" sounding names Grist, Kernel, Garner, Mazie, Rye, Seeder, Miller, Sunnoria, Bran

District 10


Butcher, Breeder, Milker, Butcher Butcher, Barn Manager Dalton Names having to do with animals or the slaughtering of animals Furr, Viscera, Chopp, Baron, Feed, Butch, Vivian, Bludd

District 11


Sorter, Gardener, Irrigator, Farmhand, Harvester Rue, Thresh, Chaff, Martin, Seeder Natural sounding names, having more to do with general agriculture/harvesting Soya, Peppa, Till, Spud, Trails, Seed, Basil, Summer, Autumn, Spring/Springer, Winter

District 12


Miner, Blaster, Surveryor, Merchant, Baker, Metallurgist Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Gale, Primrose, Rory, Delly, Hazelle, Leevy, Madge, Masilee, Rooba, Thom, Vick, Ripper, Posy Names having to do with coal or mining in general,  Ash, Rooker, Mist, Darkk, Hilt, Pick, Coal, Jewel, Soot, Flint, Gaia, Terra, 

District 13

Nuclear Power and Graphite

Nuclear Engineer, Spies, Tester, Soldier Boggs, Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Mitchell, Holmes, Alma, Jackson, York Unusual English names appear to be the standard Waverly, Easton, Miles, Kessie, Harlow, Bellamy, Lucian, Hugo, Barnes

District 14 


Biological Engineers, Testers, Zoologists, Keepers N/A Shortened terms having to do with DNA, given they lie far from Panem, their names are not the norm Altur, Variant, Mod, Nome, Meta, Alles, Pro, Ge, Gibro, Ex, Wyy, Meios, Scler, Poly, Ply, Zgy, Chron, Dina, Testa, Neuro

District 15

Medical Research

Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Surgions, Medical Technicians N/A Medical Terms, Medicines,  Syringe, Radio, Chem, Ortho, Denton(Dentist), Rex(RX), Amino, Barium, Neuro, Braise, Herb, Surg, Xray, Thermo, Levin, Gause, Steth, Plasma, Kelvin

District 0

Astrology and Meterology

Astrologists, Meteorologists, Physicists


Famous astrological events, Obscure weather terms Halley, Lovejoy, Lexel, Clark, Carol, Galeveston, Burnham, Fay, Tempest, Vega, Mist, Astro, Metro, Cosmo, Galacta, Celeste, Heaven, Ether, Stellar, Uni, Rocket, 
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