This guide is intended to help users find that perfect name when creating a new character. While you can surely name your new tribute whatever you'd like, sometimes users wish to find canon-like names that would be fitting for their new character's home District. And thus the Character District Naming Guide was born.

In the lists below, you will find all 12 canon Districts, the Capitol, and the three fan-made Districts sanctioned here on The Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki. The lists will first contain a list of jobs these Districts employ, followed by known canon names of Characters from the books and movies. Then, you will see how these Districts seem to name their citizens. And finally, you can see the names we've compiled that would fit these naming schemes. Happy character creating!

The Capitol, Seat of Government

Occupations: Cosmetic Surgeons, Hairdressers, Artists, Escorts, Tattoo Artists, Gourmet Chefs, Stylists, Gamemakers

Canonical Names: Effie, Cinna, Atala, Caesar, Flavius, Cressida, Claudius, Coriolanus, Castor, Fulvia, Plutarch, Portia, Seneca, Tax, Tigris, Messala, Livia, Palmyra, Florus, Io, Urban, Persephone, Festus, Dennis, Iphigenia, Apollo, Diana, Vipsania, Pliny, Juno, Hilarius, Gaius, Androcles, Domitia, Arachne, Clemensia, Felix, Lysistrata, Agrippina, Casca, Crassus, Lepidus, Lucretius, Nero, Pluribus, Satyria, Volumnia, Lucia

Etymology: Capitolites often have Greek or Roman names. Surprisingly, pet names also relate to the Capitol quite well. Exotic and unusual names also seem to be the norm. 

Name Ideas: Leto, Agnes, Zeus, Clio, Vesta, Bacchus, Coco, Vanilla, Roxie, Iggy, Elsa, Penelope, Dionysus, Snowflake, Pippy, Boo, Twinkle

District 1, Luxury

Occupations: Perfumer, Furrier, Jeweler, Goldsmith, Hair Stylist, Vintner

Canonical Names: Marvel, Glimmer, Gloss, Cashmere, Augustus, Facet, Velvereen

Etymology: Synonyms having to do with power or luxury, precious jems or valuable items/resources, regal Roman names

Name Ideas: Gleam, Ruby, Luster, Hero, Prodigy, Ardor, Chic, Lux, Sly, Sapphire, Amethyst, Gemma, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, Silver, Topaz, Apollo, Jupiter, Vulcan, Dolan, Glitzy, Azoda, Azora, Penz, Luncan, Chanel, Banz, Dior, Jules, Pearl, Giorgio, Silver, Royce, Copper, Cash, Porsche, Gold

District 2, Masonry and Defense

Occupations: Stonemason, Concrete Finisher, Bricklayer, Plasterer, Brickmason, Blacksmith, Peacekeeper

Canonical Names: Cato, Clove, Brutus, Enobaria, Lyme, Cray, Romulus, Pugnax, Sejanus, Marcus, Sabyn

Etymology: Edgy Roman names, words to do with defense or military, names relating to victory or success

Name Ideas: Maximus, Orion, Ajax, Gunner, Blaze, Amazon, Artemis, Athena, Beatrix, Calista, Cadmus, Ryker, Alexis, Terra, Ally, Slayte, Regime, Dele, Aegis, Garrison, Marshall, Desdemona, 

District 3, Technology

Occupations: Programmer, Electrician, Engineer, Analyst, Software Developer, Inventor

Canonical Names: Beetee, Wiress, Circ, Teslee

Etymology: Electronic terminology, names relating to software or technology

Name Ideas: Techna, Byte, Mega, Kilo, Giga, Tera, Lumen, Vista, Mac, Acer, Vizio, Dell, Vision, Electra, Gamma,Xander, Pixelle, Linux, Chip, Stylus, Packard, Elecc, Amber, Xavier

District 4, Fishing

Occupations: Longliner, Trawler, Canner, Ship Captain, Deckhand, Fisherman, Diver, Net Weaver, Marine Biologist

Canonical Names: Annie, Mags, Finnick, Mizzen, Coral

Etymology: Names with oceanic/water connotation, lesser known fishing terminology, types of fish

Name Ideas: Siren, Finbar, Alge, Amur, Sia, Gill, Dylan, Tide, Rio, River, Rush(er), Marina, Pike, Mahi, Tang, Cod, Zander, Perch, Oscar, Calamari, Marlin, Ariel, Finn, Aqua, Cascade, Bayou, Bay, Isla, Kai, Lake, Mist, Rain, Ripley, Ripple, Tahoe, Brook(e), Caspian, Cove, Ford/Fjord, Hudson, Marsh, Neptune, Nile/Nyle, Reef, Sailor/Saylor, Seaton, Trent/Trenton, Wade, Poseidon, Mako, Drift, Max, Marina, Eric, Flyn

District 5, Power

Occupations: Engineer, Hydrologist, Technician, Scientist, Physicist, Geologist

Canonical Names: Porter, Hy, Sol

Etymology: Terms involving renewable energy sources, famous scientists, natural sounding names

Name Ideas: Burn, Lymit, Genera, Tesla, Edison/Eddie, Isaac, Martin, Alba, Nina, Nicola, Nicolas, Watt, Wattson, Hydro, Solar, Mecha, Kinetic, Dean, Watt,

District 6, Transportation

Occupations: Porter, Router, Mechanic, Conductor, Baggage Handler

Canonical Names: Titus, Jason, Otto, Ginnee

Etymology: Transportation terminology, car brands, Shakespearean names, less flashy Roman names

Name Ideas: Aero, Train, Moves, Raven, Night, Autus, Auta, Oto (Auto), Tamora, Hippolyte, Aaron, Tiberius, Mercedes, Kia, Bonnet, Lexus, Fender, Tamara 

District 7, Lumber

Occupations: Lumberjack, Load Puller, Lead Climber, Carpenter, Paper-Maker

Canonical Names: Blight, Johanna, Treech, Lamina

Etymology: Names with natural connotations, plant/habitat terminology, lesser known tree species, woodland animal species

Name Ideas: Amber, Ivy, Thicket, Jack, Barker, Grove, Root, Cane, Caspum, Acacia, Hesmin, Alcove, Sequoia, Twiggy, Maple, Willow, Anther, Briar, Rowan, Juniper, Spruce, Terran, Heath, Elm, Ash, Palmer, Arbor, Holly, Hazel, Olive, Oaken, Oakley, Oaklynn, Hawthorn, Leif/Leaf, Forrest, Pine, Thorn

District 8, Textiles

Occupations: Factory Worker, Dress Maker, Weaver, Designer, Manager, Teacher, Tailor

Canonical Names: Bonnie, Cecelia, Woof, Twill, Paylor, Bobbin, Wovey

Etymology: Weaving techniques, textile materials

Name Ideas: Twyla, Silk, Cashmere, Dress, Kelsi, Flossie, Tecida, Lee, Ashleen, Steppe, Stitch, Flax, Jute, Polly/Ester (Polyester), Rayon, Casein, Taylor, Crochet, Musslin, Luis, Sterling, Cloth, Tanner

District 9, Grain

Occupations: Cropper, Farmer, Plower, Sower, Harvester

Canonical Names: Panlo, Sheaf

Etymology: Natural "wheaty" sounding names

Name Ideas: Grist, Kernel, Garner, Mazie, Rye, Seeder, Miller, Sunnoria, Bran, Barley, Sorghum, Quinoa, Fonio

District 10, Livestock

Occupations: Butcher, Breeder, Milker, Feedsman, Sheerer, Ranch Overseer, Shepherd

Canonical Names: Dalton, Tanner, Brandy

Etymology: Names having to do with farm animals or the slaughtering of farm animals

Name Ideas: Furr, Viscera, Chopp, Baron, Feed, Butch, Vivian, Bludd, Cutter, Cleave, Skinner, Hyde, Lamb, Angus, Holstein, Mane/Maine, Cooper, Bovine, Guernsey, Angus, Pastor, Marietta, Suzan, Suzanne 

District 11, Agriculture

Occupations: Sorter, Gardener, Irrigator, Farmhand, Harvester

Canonical Names: Rue, Thresh, Chaff, Martin, Seeder, Reaper, Dill

Etymology: Natural sounding names, having more to do with general agriculture/harvesting

Name Ideas: Soya, Peppa, Till, Spud, Trails, Seed, Basil, Summer, Autumn, Spring/Springer, Winter, Culler, Clementine, Guava, Kernel

District 12, Mining

Occupations: Miner, Blaster, Surveryor, Merchant, Baker, Metallurgist

Canonical Names: Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Gale, Primrose, Rory, Delly, Hazelle, Leevy, Madge, Masilee, Rooba, Thom, Vick, Ripper, Posy, Jessup, Lucy

Etymology: Names having to do with coal or mining in general, 

Name Ideas: Ash, Rooker, Mist, Darkk, Hilt, Pick, Coal, Jewel, Soot, Flint, Gaia, Terra, Alloy, Drift, Lode, Ore, Ember

District 13, Nuclear Weapons and Graphite Mining

Occupations: Nuclear Engineer, Spy, Tester, Soldier

Canonical Names: Boggs, Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Mitchell, Holmes, Alma, Jackson, York

Etymology: Unusual English names appear to be the standard

Name Ideas: Waverly, Easton, Miles, Kessie, Harlow, Bellamy, Lucian, Hugo, Barnes

District 14, Muttations

Occupations: Biological Engineer, Tester, Zoologist, Keeper, Breeder

Canonical Names N/A

Etymology: Shortened terms having to do with DNA, given they lie far from Panem, their names are not the norm

Name Ideas: Altur, Variant, Mod, Nome, Meta, Alles, Pro, Ge, Gibro, Ex, Wyy, Meios, Scler, Poly, Ply, Zgy, Chron, Dina, Testa, Neuro, Ribo

District 15, Medical Research

Occupations: Scientist, Doctor, Nurse, Medical Assistant, Surgeon, Medical Technician

Canonical Names N/A

Etymology: Medical Terms, medicines

Name Ideas: Syringe, Radio, Chem, Ortho, Denton (Dentist), Rex (RX), Amino, Barium, Neuro, Braise, Herb, Surg, Xray, Thermo, Levin, Gause, Steth, Plasma, Kelvin

District 0, Astronomy and Meteorology

Occupations: Astrologist, meteorologist, physicist, Astronomical Engineer

Canonical Names N/A

Etymology: Famous astrological events, weather terms, famous meteorologists, winterscape terminology 

Name Ideas: Halley, Lovejoy, Lexel, Clark, Carol, Galveston, Burnham, Fay, Tempest, Vega, Mist, Astro, Metro, Cosmo, Galacta, Celeste, Heaven, Ether, Stellar, Uni, Rocket, Snowe, Alaska, Noël, North/Northe, Elsa, Storm, Aurora, Wendy/Windy, Indra, Skye, Raine, Wyndham, Sunny, Gale, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Mist/Misty, Sol, Zephyr

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