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Charlotte Hildebrand



Physical Information
District 5
Gender Female
Age 16
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color A mixture of brown and dark red
Height 5'9"
Basic Information
Strength(s) Brave, Wide knowledge of weaponry, Fast runner
Weakness(es) Can't swim, slightly domineering, bad aiming
Fears Drowning, Long-term pain
Weapon(s) Katana, Axe, Hachet
Alliance Careers
Token A fire symbol
Extra Information
Highest Rank -
Status Alive, reaped
Favorite Games -


Charlotte is known to be a very confident person. She always wanted to be the leader of a team as she believes she is capable for doing so. However, her typical Career personality of being arrogant and mean makes her pretty hard to communicate with her teammates.However, even if she is not the leader, she will still be loyal towards her alliance. She is also known to be brave and active. She is not afraid to confront someone else in a fight. She is also helpful towards her teammates. Although being a mean person sometimes, she do also shows her kind and friendly personality if someone actually earned her trust.



Interview Angle

During the interview, Charlotte would most likely answer the questions with her confidence. She would also show her humorous side by answering some of the questions with jokes. She might also convince others to form an alliance with her during the interview.


Bloodbath: Charlotte would run towards the Cornucopia to get a random weapon (most likely melee). She would most likely leave the Cornucopia when there is a kill for her. If needed, she would assist her alliance when they're in trouble.

Games: She would start by gathering some of her alliance members in a corner, and discuss their next plan. She would also team up with some of the best members in a group to hunt the other tributes. She has zero tolerance towards traitors, as she would immediately execute anyone who betrays her. if she's the last person standing, she would try to survive the Games and kill anyone who passes her. Instead, if her alliance is the last one standing, she might stealthily kill her teammates, starting with the weakest ally.



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