District: 1

Gender: Male

Name: Chase Golden

Age: 18

Appearance: Chin length, medium shaded, brown hair. Dark blue eyes. Medium skin tone. He is absolutely gorgeous and has many admirers. He is over average height at 6 foot 1 inch. He is also incredibly strong He has pearly white teeth that should come with a warning, “Do not stare, may insure permanent blindness.”

Personality: He is sly and funny. He is ultra popular and looked at as a leader. He can be kind if he wants to, but most of the time he makes jokes without thinking. He is the average popular boy at a high school. He’s not the smartest tack but can take care of himself.

Skills: Because of his Career training, Chase is good with pretty much any kind of weapon, but his very favorite kind of weapon is a mace. His other favorite weapon if he can’t find a mace is probably an ax but he likes any short range weapon, but like I said, he is amazing at all weapons.

Strategy: He is a true Career. Join the Careers right from the start and try as hard as he can to win. As soon as there are probably one or two tributes left besides the Careers, he would even kill the Careers off or leave to protect himself. At the Cornucopia, he would kill like any other Career and think nothing of it because all he wants is to get home and survive. He could seduce if necessary with his great looks. His whole goal is to just get back to District 1 with the glory of winning the Hunger Games.

History: Chase has had possibly the most privileged life ever. He has no brothers or sisters and has a very, very rich family. He lives on an amazingly huge brick manor. His family is very rich even in District 1 standards. He has been trained his whole life for the Hunger Games. He is very happy with his life, but since this is his last year eligible, his parents forced him to volunteer, and grudgingly, Chase agreed. Chase is actually a little scared, but is going to do any humanly possible that he can do to win the Hunger Games.