District 2:

Gender: Male

Name: Connor Emeralds

Age: 15

Appearance: Raven black hair and green eyes that look like emeralds. He is tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. Skinny but wiry frame. Has a face that could melt your heart.

Personality: He is often quiet and gets yelled at in class for daydreaming. He is kind to everyone and people are normally nice to him because they really are afraid because if he wanted to he could hurt them badly. And he never does. He is often very sad and lonely because except for Marcus, he has no friends. Has many secrets he will not tell.

Skills: Best with sledgehammers because that is what he worked with in the Nut. If no sledgehammers, he can deal well with axes and even swords. He is amazingly fast and can outrun probably anyone in Panem.

Strategy: Be a loner. Do not ally. Do not congregate. Stay away from the Careers at all costs because he knows that because he will not join them, he is their Number 1 target. Run. Grab maybe a pack and a weapon from the Cornucopia and sprint away to a hiding place. He will try to switch his hiding place every day.

History: Connor's parents died when he was only 9 years old. Since they rarely made friends, almost no one knew and those who knew eventually forgot, leaving Connor alone. He lives and works in the Nut. He was alone until he was 12 years old and then he met Marcus. Marcus was 13 at the time but was very scared because his parents had just died and he was doing the same thing as Connor. They are like brothers. But just because Marcus is older doesn't make him the older brother. Marcus was always scared and got sick easily. Therefore, when Marcus was reaped, Connor volunteered.