District: 5
Cytosine Johnston

Cytosine Johnston

District Partner: Adenine "Addie" Boulvie

Age: 15

Weapon: Knife, sword

Skills: Cytosine is a fast tribute and he's strong. Cytosine can climb cliffs and is decent at swimming. Cytosine can also wield a knife and will learn how to use a sword, identify edible plants and set up snares in training.

Strategy: Run from the cornucopia but hide just in a good hidding spot so he can spy of the horn. If Addie is a Career: Steal the supplies while the Careers are out hunting then stalk them as to see what Addie is doing. IF ADDIE IS NOT A CAREER: Try to join Addie's group if they don't let him, stalk Addie and her group to see what theya re up to, try to find out Addie's secret.

Token: Star neckless shown in the lunaii above.

Weaknesses: Really wants to find out what Addie's secret is. "Curiosity killed the cat"

Quote: None

Personality: Calm, nice, cool in a fight, not overconfident. Carefull

History: Lived with a rich family, his Dad works as a top scientist at the genetic labrotory while his Mom is the myor. He has a lot of friends. He's heard rumors about Addie and sometimes spies on her to find out what's wrong with her.


  • This tribute originally had a crush on Addie.
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