District: 8

Gender: Male

Name: Daniel Patterson

Age: 15

Appearance: Short brown hair with long bangs hanging over his eyes with bright green eyes. He also has a deep tan. He is 6 foot and of average build.

Personality: Daniel is very funny and outgoing. He is involved in many activities and has a great number of friends. He is a person who when he does something, others follow and he is a true leader. He’s never quiet and always puts his two cents in.

Skills: Daniel is very flexible despite his size and he also can run pretty fast for a dude his size. He would do best with a sword in each hand and could be lethal with any kind of sword, but especially a pair of swords. He could also do well with long knives, maces, or tridents. Any strength that had to come in handy, he can provide.

Strategy: He would say during training that he would join the Careers, then pretend to be with them at the Bloodbath in order to gain weapons and supplies, but IMMEDIATELY after, leave in a hurry. After that, he knows he would be Careers’ Enemy #1, so he would run as fast as he could and hide on the edge of the arena and fend for himself the whole games...

History: He’s had pretty much the average life of a kid, nothing exciting. His parents getting divorced is as exciting as it gets. He lives with his dad and brother, Kyle, on weekdays, and on weekends, he lives with his mom and sister and brother, Sonya and Gordon. He doesn’t have much of a problem with since he gets to see them both. They both just work at the textile factories, so their work is consistent. He still loves his life and wants to get home to it.