Dare is a signature tribute and victor.

District: 2
Dare Ward

Dare Ward

District Partner(s): Trina Smith or Courtney Thorna or Miley Gold

Age: 17

Weapons: spears, sword, mace, throwing knives

Skills: Good with weapons like spears, swords, maces, and throwing knives. Fast, strong, he's also quiet and good with concelment. He also knows basic survival skills.

Strategy: Team up with the Careers for the first day but then, on the night after the bloodbath, murder one of the Careers in their sleep and sneak off with some supplies (ask Trina to come with). Avoid other tributes after that,

Token: silver watch from his grandad.

Weaknesses: Likes to help other people. Dislikes killing of innocents.

Personality: Smart, giving, kind, wise, and generally is a nice person.

History: Trained a little bit for the games, he has a rich mom, a dad and a little brother (Sammy), he helps out in his comunity a lot and gives lots money to the poor. He hates how Careers are always stuck up. He does good in school, he is pretty popular and has a slight crush on Trina.

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