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District 13 is one of the 16 Districts of Panem ruled over by the Capitol. It is the only underground District in Panem. It is quite large, but was thought to be destroyed by the Capitol. Before the bombings the other Districts thought that their main industry was graphite, but in reality it was nuclear bombs, although they still do have a minor focus on the first. After the second revolution, District 13 rejoined Panem, forcing them to partake in the Games. They are looked at very unfavorably by the Capitol, as the District was once the central hub for all rebellion in Panem. Althought the days of the rebellion have long past, the District is still closely monitored by the Capitol, under frequent watch for rebellious activity.

Due to the District's warlike demeanor, the tributes of this District often have at least some training. The tributes of 13 often fair averagely in the Hunger Games. Due to the years of being under ground and hidden, the tributes of this District often gain the "survival instincts" the inhabitants of the District had in its rebellious days.



Victors from District 13 usually win their Games through their survival instincts. Some of District 13's victors include:

  • TBA


The tributes in District 13 usually don't get sponsors due to their rocky past with the Capitol. Some of District 13's tributes include:

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