District 15  is one of the 16 Districts of Panem ruled over by the Capitol. Its location is set in Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. This District provides Panem with much needed medical research and science.

When an outbreak of a unknown disease happened and the entire nation of Panem had been affected, the President at the time had healthy citizens, doctors, and scientists sent away to the uninhabited islands of Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic to find a cure while being safe from the disease. Finally, after all hope seemed lost, the occupants of District 15 found a syrum that worked. 

That was when the people of District 15 decided they weren't going back to the mainland. Several arguments broke out and in a matter of weeks, a war had begun. What started as a disagreement turned into a show of who had more power. The Capitol, or District 15. After a rough 3 months of war, the Capitol, once again, had come out on top. 

This District is a fanmade District, made by TheAmericanDream.



Victors from District 15 usually win their Games through their healing knowledge. Some of District 15's victors include:

  • TBA


The tributes in District 15 usually don't get sponsors unless they show a lot of promise. Some of District 15's tributes include:

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