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District 7 is one of the 16 Districts of Panem ruled over by the Capitol. The District provides lumber, paper, furniture, and items of that sort. They aren't a very wealthy District and are often overlooked by the Capitol. It is said that the citizens of this District are "hardworking and down to earth."

Like District 4, the citizens in this District start working at a young age, giving them an advantage over other Districts. Their extensive knowledge of axes, wood-working, and their time spent in the forests boosts their chances in the Hunger Games. Many of the citizens of 7 are strong, as well as persistent and hardworking, making the tributes of District 7 one of the stronger districts aside from the Careers. 



Victors from District 7 usually win their Games through their plant knowledge and axe-wielding capabilities. Some of District 7's victors include:


The tributes in District 7 sometimes get sponsors as they are one of the strongest non-career districts. Some of District 7's tributes include:

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