District: Any
Domino Opaque

Domino Opaque

Age: 18

Weapons: Sythe, sword of any style and throwing knives (Or just using them in close combat). He is also a master with a blow gun and bow and arrow. Posion.

Skills: Good with all of the above weapons and is a trained assassin. He can silently take out any tribute, they won't know he's there untill it's too late. He can kill with no remorse unless it's the innocent, Careers or evil tributes he has no problem with. He knows what it's like to be hungry and knows edible plants by heart. He's a good athlete and can run, climb and swim with ease. Knows all posions.

Strategy: Go it alone, kill Careers if he gets the chance. Otherwise he'll only kill if provked or down to the finalls. Hide for most of the games. He'll risk the cornucopia and go in for a decent weapon but will retreat once the mayhem/Careers become too much. Posion the Careers food if their distracted or leave their stuff unguarded. If he's about to die by mutts or gamemaker traps or wounds, hunger, etc and there's no hope, spill the president's secrets

Token: None

Weaknesses: Doesn't like to kill the inncoent, hates the Capitol. Because he's so plae he can get sunburned easily.

Personality: Calm, calculating, smart, merciful. He also detests the killing of the innocent and hates the Capitol.

History: Domino was found on the streets (Age: 6) by the peacekeepers while he was pit pocketing some people. They found his skill very profound and sent him to the Capitol wher he underwent special training. He mastered many weapons easily and the president quickly placed hom for his first job. Killing his rival in his re-election campain. Domino was forced to carry out many other assassination jobs untill he finaly refused and returned to his Dsitrict. The president wanted him to die so Domino woudn't reveal his secrets so the President rigged the reapings and sent him to the games.

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