Extra: If in the same games with Spring Howards she will fall in love with her.

District: 8
Down Smith

Down Smith

District Partner: Raquel Numez


Weapon: Knife, throwing knives.

Skills: Down can wield a knife and wil ltry to learn to thorw them during training. Down is also a fas trunner and can climb trees. Down can also weave and is a hard worker. He's nice so he can probably earn some sponsers and can make allies. Used to being hungry.

Strategy: Ally with one or two trustworthy people and break it off at final 5. Be carefull to avoid Careers and his District partner (not because she's a threat, just because he thinks she's a freak). Be resoucreful and make as much supplies by hand as possible.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Not that strong of a fighter.

Quote: None

Personality: Nice, trustworthy, kind. Smart, witty. Funny.

History: Down has worked at a textile factory since he was at age 5. He has a mom and a dad who work must of the day, so Down is often lonely. He has a few good friends who work a lot too. He tries to be nice to everyone. Down works in a factory himself and is ahrad worker. He secretly hates the Capitol.

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