Elisa freighter

Elisa Freighter was the District 4 female for Beetee19's Iditatrod Games, and was sorted into the Blue Team. She became a victor along with teammate Down Smith.


Name: Elisa Freighter

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 4

Weapons: Knife, Trident

Strengths: Hunting, Swimming

Weaknesses: Hiking, Speed

Personality: Reasonable, Strict, Annoyed easily, But can be nice to those who don't annoy her, A bit nervous for the Games

Backstory: Elisa was born into a strange family.  She lives with her mentally unstable mother and older brother.  They lived in an apartment on the fourth floor.  One day, when Elisa's brother failed an exam, her mother pushed him out of the window, causing him to fall to his death.  Elisa was enraged.  She charged at her mom and began trying to suffocate her, when her mother tossed Elisa off.  Still to this day, Elisa is deathly afraid of her mother and can't stand to be near her.

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