District 11

Gender: Female.

Name: Ellie Rye.

Age: 13.

Appearance: Red hair normally tied back in a ponytail, bright green eyes, and 5 foot 8 inches. Tall for her age, and has a wiry figure.

Personality: Funny and kind to everyone she meets.

Skills: Great with bow and arrows, throwing knives, but her favorite is throwing stars which is how she cut fruit from the trees. She would stand on the ground and throw very precisely so only stems were cut.

Strategy: Grab some knives or bow and arrows then hope for some sponsor to give her throwing stars, then grab just a little food and water from the Cornucopia. Ally with someone she knows she can trust.

History: She is the younger of her older sister and herself, her sister is named May and is 15, May did not try to volunteer for Ellie which made the whole district sad. Her parents are very kind and loving.