District 5:

Gender: Female

Name: Eva May

Age: 15

Appearance: She has short, standard asylum hair along with very light brown eyes. She is average height at 5 foot 5 inches. She pretty much has no muscle but otherwise has an average build.

Personality: Before the asylum, she was very happy and bubbly until her parents were murdered, after that she became a psycho set on avenging her parents! Now that she’s been in the asylum, she has pretty much been brainwashed and has no personality as all!

Strategy: She’d be in shock at first, I mean, she’s used to white walls, and now she’s in the wilderness. She’s probably in shock at first, abut if someone helped her, she’d be okay. Probably run and hide somewhere in the middle of a giant arena, or even if it was a small arena. She can kill, she’s done it before, and she’ll do it again.

Skills: She has stealth on her side, and can sneak around easily. She also has the advantage of that she never feels guilt, so if she’d kill someone, she could walk away satisfied and guilt free and the murder she just committed. She can use a knife in any ways necessary.

History: She had a very happy life with her two parents. They had had a great five years of crop growing, and decided to move into town with their riches and become town folk. They were on their way out of a movie theater when they passed a poor beggar asking for money. He was persistent, but they politely declined and had begun to walk away. That was when he withdrew a gun from his overcoat and shot her dad in the back on the head. Her mom turned around and was shot as well. Eva ran screaming while shots flew past her head. She went home, and sobbed for hours, slowly going insane. The next day, she went to her dad’s gun closet and took out a revolver. She scoured the city for days, looking for the man. Finally, two months later, when she was completely insane, she found him in an alleyway and shot two bullets through his head. The police found her and she has been in an asylum ever since.