D7 Eva Woods

Eva Woods is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Seven, and her district partner is Sawyer Thomas or Douglas Gibbons. She is Beetee19's first victor.


Age: 12

District: 7

Weapon: Mind

Strengths: Eva is a very good climber. She's scaled many tall trees in Seven to reach remote sources of food. She's also a very intelligent child, and she will put her skills to use.

Weaknesses: Eva simply isn't much of a fighter. She's kind of afraid of death, and she will likely refuse to kill anybody during the games. She also may suffer from never having watched the Games before.

Personality: Eva is simply very sweet and loving. She doesn't want to kill, but her siblings think she'll survive because nobody will want to kill her.

Strategy: Escape the bloodbath. Hide out and survive on berries and whatnot. Try to ally with her district partner if she can find him.

Token: Necklace

History: Eva's family has never had much money. Her mother died when she was 4, so she gathered nuts and berries to help feed her siblings (Eva is the oldest of six). She now has an extensive knowledge of these and plans to use that to her advantage in the Games. She does well in school and enjoys pretty much everything in life. She's never actually watched the Hunger Games because she despises its violence so much.


Careers3's 1st Hunger Games: 1st/24- Escaped the bloodbath and hid out for a while. One of the traps she constructed killed Silas Howitzer and she managed to survive until the final battle. The three remaining tributes were attacked by snake mutts. After the mutts killed Nathaliya Morgan, Eva tricked Sage Everett into essentially committing suicide, becoming the victor by doing so.


Eva was essentially created to be the sweet little girl who doesn't kill anybody and dies a heartbreaking death so that people would let Sawyer live longer out of pity. Therefore, it is very ironic that Eva became Beetee19's first victor.

Eva was based off of Eva St. Clare, a character in the famous novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (which I do not recommend reading on your own as most of it is very boring.)

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