Excel Rose Is a tribute made by Prezziesnow. He is the first tribute he ever made. He is the District Partner of

[Excel Rose]

Bascule Du Fey and is the brother of Excalibur Rose although they didn't know that. He won Rainbow shifters 2nd Pain Games but later particpated in, and died in the 3rd. He is a Major threat througout both of these games.

Iformation on Excel

Name: Excel Rose

Age: 12

District: District 1

District Partner: Bascule Du Fey

Weapon(s): Sword

Skills: Swordplay, Archery - not his preferred weapon but he can use it, Running and Killing

Strategy: Kill Kill Kill. Stick with the Careers

Weakness: Massive Fear of Water. So bad he has to close his eyes when washing, Drinking etc.

Personality: Evil, Malicious, Horrible, Brave, Wont get bullied by anyone because he will proabably juyst kill them. Mentally unstable.

Backstory: Excel Was Born into a rich family. His Father Was the Mayor of District 1's adviser and his Mother was his Personal Assitant. They married and had 2 Kids. Excalibur and Excel. Then things got rocky bteween them. They split and went into an extremly bitter divorce. Whilst this was happening, their mother sent them to live with their aunt in District 4. Excalibur was 6 and Excel was 1. Whilst staying their Excel wandered out onto the decking surrounding the swimming pool that their aunt owned. He sat down by the railings to play with his toy cars. As he was playing he leaned back against the railings and they snapped, and Excel went tumbling into the water. And being one he couldn't swim. Luckliy for him his aunt and brother were just coming out the door when it hapend and his aunt dived in and pulled him out.They managed to wake him but They rushed him to the District Hospital just to make sure that no damage had been done. On the way their they were caught in a Traffic Jam with 2 cars haveing collided an out of control oil tanker. Excalibur and his aunt got out of the car to go check what was going on when they came. Especially desgned by he capitol it was a new variety of Mutt. But this mutt had been intended to do good. It was realeased into the area surrounding District 4 because if these frequent disasters. The mutts were designed to feed of the Oil. But a side effect was that they were very territorial and it just happend that Excalibur an there Aunt were 'too close' and were bitten. The effect did not occur however until they were in the hospital were they both collapsed. Their aunt died but Excalibur fell into a coma. With no injuries to himself but no one in District they were forced to call their parents to come and get them. There parents reconciled over their children but on the way over there dad was killed in a shotout on the train. There mother, remembering her careers training killed him swiftly with a knife to the throat. There mother arrived and began talking to her children even though one was in a coma. But slowly Excalibur began to awaken and made a full recovery. They then went back to their home in District 1.

Apperance: Se Lunaii

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