District 5 Male (Ezekiel)

Name: Ezekiel Andrews

Age: 16

District: 5

Weapon: Bows and arrows and spears, is okay with combat knives.

Personality: He's very shy, but sweet. He takes a while until he gets to warm up to you, then he'll trust you without any circumstances. Ezekiel is trusting when he thinks your willing to ally with him, once you ally, he's loyal to you and will never leave you behind.

Appearance: Ezekiel has light brown hair that's messy and goes to his left. He has mysetrious light grey eyes and peach skin. He's tall but skinny like most boys in his district. He also has elf-like ears which helps him hear long distances.

Height: 5'9

Backstory: He has a middle class family.

Strengths: Ezekiel is great at hiding and stealthing by using his camoflague skills. His accuracy is good, but not excellent. He could throw well, but it somehow doesn't seem to land on targets all the time.

Weaknesses: Since he's very shy, he prefers to be alone the entire games, but if he can trust someone will all of his heart, he's going to ally with them. He's also terrified of the dark.

Highest Training Score:

Highest Ranking:

Credited by Asfbn, we made this tribute together.

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