Fat Robin Hood
Fat robin hood
Name Fat Robin Hood
Age 18
Height {{{height}}}
District 5
Gender Male
Weapon Bombs, knife, fatness
Best Placing 24th
Best Training Score Unknown
Best Odds Unknown
Made By YourFavoriteSalmon
 A troll tribute for Andy's Games

Name: Fat Robin Hood

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 5

Weapons (up to 3): Bombs, Dagger, Fatness

Strengths (3): Strong because of fat, can stab hard, can crush people under weight

Weaknesses (3): Slow because of fat, has an ugly mustache, can't lose his girl friend Flamingo Kisser

Personality: Talks all about food.

Appearance (photos preferred): LOOK AT THE INFO BOX


  • Out of all of YFS's tributes, he placed the worst.
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