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Felicity Faye is a 15 year old from District 4. She is mute.

Skills: She is good at running and is very fast. She wouldn't bat an eye at killing someone. Not clouded by emotions. Good with plants. And, she is good at hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: Has no emotion, no aggressiveness or determination. Not strong.

Weapon: She likes to use poison, whether extracted from the spines of a urchin or from the stem of a plant, she can find it anywhere.

Strategy: Run and hide as soon as the gong sounds, then poison the others' food supplies.

Personality: Her head is "stuck up in the clouds." She is interested always in strange things, like the positions of stars and the spots on a bug's wings. She can't speak.

Appearence: Light hair and light skin. She has pale eyes and an expressionless face. Felicity is of average height and she is very thin, almost unhealthily so.

History: Her school psychologist insists that something traumatic happened to her when she was extremely young, and still living with her father, that caused her permanent brain damage. She's still really good in school and sports, but she cannot speak and is sort of... detached.


Female Victor for Anon... District 4 Hunger Games

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