Fern Nuclear
Basic Information
District District 5
Gender Female
Age 16
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
Personality Loner, Smart
Fear(s) Talking
Strengths <----
Weaknesses <----
Weapon(s) {{{weapon}}}


  1. Climbing.
  2. Knives.
  3. Electrical Stuff.
  4. Geology.


  1. Her hatred for District 1 could get her into alot of trouble with the careers.
  2. Charisma.


Fern was born in District 5 to a loving family of 4. However when she was 13, Fern's brother left District 5 to go to the capitol and train for the Hunger Games. The year he left, the victor of the games was a girl from District 1. Because of this Fern has a deep hatred for District 1. She went as far as saying she would leave her District to go to District 1, everyone thought she was crazy so she never left.

Fern's dad works as an Geologist, so she knows a bit about geology. Even though she says geology is boring and pointless. Ferns mom works as a system analyst. So since Fern's brother died she has spent most of her life alone. Unfortunately this led to her being a bit of a loner. Fern's dad once found a pearl while researching, he then took it to an old lady that lived near Fern. The old lady then made it into this beautiful piece ofhead jewellery.Which Fern uses this as her token.

Fern also spent some of her rebellious teenage years climbing pylons, which makes her quite a good climber. After Fern's dad told her it was dangerous she stopped so she had to find a new hobby, or a new friend. That was when Fern met her nerdy friend Jim. Jim taught Fern about electricity and how to control it, and in return for some of Jim's wise knowledge, Fern taught him how to use a knife (which was a skill she learnt from her brother before he left.)

  • Fern Nuclear
  • Fern Nuclear RL


  • Fern's brother was called Moss.
  • Fern's surname is unique to District 5 (Power.)
  • Fern is 16.
  • Jim's surname is Solar.(Solar is a unique surname for District 5 and District 0.)
  • Her weapons are a knife and any electrical items she can find.
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