Finn Mclare is a tribute District 1 boy who is secrelty have a crush on Rue Everdeen since she bacame 13. Their relationship came closer and closer. He survived the 87th Hunger Games too

Personality and Traits

Finn is a brave, responsible tribute. He is honest and friendly too. During the interview, Ceasar said that is if he won the game what will he do, Finn said that he misses his family and meet his family and celebrate for winning the game, Ceasar said he's one of the nice tribute he interviewed too. Rue and Finn might have common in their traits.


Finn is blonde hiar, white skin, bluw eyes just like Rue but lighter, when he became 13 too, some people say he is handsome and cute. Some girls are in love with him. Sometimes his bangs fall out of his forehim beead. During the interview, Ceasar said the same thing as Rue that he will be sad if a young person died. Ceasar said alot of girls are in love with him because he is handsome


Hs weapon is sword, he also look like a career tribute like Cato in The Hunger Games Trilogy. He learned about camouflage from Rue.


Rue (Tribute partner, romantic intrest)

Finn has a crush on Rue since she bacme 13, Finn is always following her without noticing. When they were 12, in the training center, a tribute said that Finn and Rue match together, Finn blushed. So his embarassed for letting out his feelings for Rue.

Clarise (Best friend, friend-zoned her)

Clarise is Finn's best friend, Clarise is secrelty have a crush on him since the day they met, but Finn thinks she don't wanna go out with her he only wants to go out with Rue, Clarise thought that Finn is secrelty have a crush on her too but he dosen't, he has a crush on Rue not Clarise.

Other tributes (Enemies)

Whenever there's a friendly tribute or not, Finn kills him/her exept Rue. He dosen't want to be in the career but he needs to because Rue joined but later on in the arena Rue betrayed the career.


His weakness is to choose between Rue and Clarise. He might have a crush on Clarise too but not really, but he has a crush on Rue too.


  • He has a crush on Rue because of her beauty and her bravory.
  • He might have a crush on Clarise because he don't wanna hurt ladies' feelings.
  • His mom changed after his dad's death to District 4.
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