Flamingo Kisser
Flamingo Kisser
Name Flamingo Kisser
Age 16
Height {{{height}}}
District 5
Gender Female
Weapon Kissing mouth, blowgun
Best Placing 18th
Best Training Score N/A
Best Odds N/A
Made By YourFavoriteSalmon
 ANOTHER andy tribute for andy

Name: Flamingo Kisser

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 5

Weapons (up to 3): Blowgun, Ax

Strengths (3): Kissing flamingos, Kissing fat robin hood, accuracy

Weaknesses (3): Losing Fat Robin Hood, losing her lips, getting bit by flamingos

Personality: VERY sweet, but can be brutal

Appearance (photos preferred): LOOK AT YO INFO BOX

Bio: She grew up with Fat Robin Hood and planned on marrying him but together they were reaped.


Flamingo Kisser on her mighty steed

Strategy: If she survives, she will team up with Fat Robin Hood if he is alive. If he's dead, she will try and tame flamingos, then kiss them. If she finds a very large one, she'll try and ride it.
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