Genner Powow is the District 5 Male whose district partner is his younger sister, Tronny Powow . He is not finished. He's in my first generation tributes. Genner was created by WiressFan21 so don't use him without my permission.

Basic Information

Name: Genner Powow

Age: 17

District: 5

Gender: Male

Genner Powow

Personality: Genner is very awkward. He never leaves his sisters side and, if he had a choice, would never let her even participate in the Games. He's also very weird as he would never even talk to someone else, or in fact, nobody will even talk to him. Finally, he was overprotective since his sister is the only family that he really has left.  

Weapons: Genner is very skilled at making traps, finding them very easy to make and very easy to capture a tribute. Plus, he learned from his grandparents almost every type of trap there has ever been. But he also knows how to use hammers since he had to use them around his grandparents house since they couldn't do it themselves. He can throw them with ease, but struggles to use them for melee attacks.

Backstory: Genner and Tronny have always loved each other, more than anyone else. They've done everything together, never leaving each others side. Genner is the older, more creepy one. He's always watching Tronny and making sure she's safe. When Genner was 4, his mom died after giving birth to Tronny. Genner's dad was crying and he wouldn't come up with a name for the baby. He kept saying he wanted to call her Marissa, Genner's mom's name, but Genner said that would be too sad. Eventually, he came up with the name Tronny after the name of the doctor who delivered her. Genner's dad kept crying for day, until he finally died from depression. Genner was scared. He had to raise a baby on his own. Luckily, he had two grandparents that he never even knew of, but they knew of him. They raised both children, but they weren't as...up-to-date. Genner was always scared and afraid about what might happen to the baby and that drove him crazy. Eventually, when Tronny was reaped, he volunteered to take her place, but, realizing that he wasn't a girl, ended up being the male tribute.

Strenghts: Stealthy, Fast, Making Traps, Accuracy, Hiding

Weaknesses: Overprotective, Swimming, Melee Attacks, Climbing

Height: 6'3

Participated Games

KittyTheEmolga's 102nd Hunger Games - A Deadly Twist

Placing: __ out of 24th.

Allies: Tronny Powow from 5.

Training Score: N/A

Odds: N/A

Kills: N/A

Killer: N/A


  • He's the tallest tribute in my first generation tributes.
  • His sister is Tronny Powow.
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