District 4

Gender: Male

Name: Harry Wavebreaker

Age: 12

Appearance: Chin length surfer, wavy, black hair. Warm chocolate brown eyes. He’s average for his age at 5 foot 6 inches. His is skinny, but surprisingly well built from all of his time spent surfing. He has a constant tan from being in the sun.

Personality: He is a charmer although he is very laid back and would agree with pretty much anything. He can be friends with practically anyone and nobody has a dislike to him.

Skills: Harry is a fantastic swimmer and if there were any water vehicles involved, he would rule the Games even as a 12 year old. Harry is also on the school’s darts team and so he has amazing accuracy especially with throwing knives or throwing stars. He can also wield a bow and arrows but not as well as throwing knives/stars and he is probably just mediocre with a sword or trident or any other short range weapon.

Strategy: He would NOT join the Careers and NOT engage in the Cornucopia bloodbath what so ever. If there was any water in sight, he would head for it and hide somewhere near it for hopefully the whole games. He would not ally with anyone, of that he is certain. If someone comes and tries to attack him, he would kill them. He would just get through the games maybe flaunting his skills for sponsor’s gifts, and from sponsor is where he would get most, if not all, of his supplies for the whole games since he won’t engage at the Cornucopia.

History: All his life, Harry has been in the water. Since he was born, he, his mother, his father, and his older brother, Sean, has lived in a cozy seaside cottage. His parents lived a modest life as teachers, but there was always food on the table. One day, at the age of six when he was in the water, Harry found a piece of driftwood and tried to balance on it, and from there, a legendary surfer was born. He has won nearly all of the surfing competitions in District 4 and has become very amazing at it. Sean who’s 16 always takes care of Harry and if Sean hadn’t been too sick to come to the reaping, he probably would’ve volunteered. Harry and Sean had always surfed together, but one day, just three days before the reaping, Sean had been attacked by a shark, and Harry had just saved him, but because of the loss of blood, Sean was declared bedridden for two weeks and even if he hadn’t had the restriction, Sean could barely walk he is so weak. Harry desperately wants to go back to his life and family.

Token: His token is a tooth of the shark that attacked his brother that was found in one of his brother’s wounds. He will keep this shark tooth on the end of a leather necklace he had fashioned just the day before the reaping. Hopefully, this token will remind him of what he has in District 4 and by that, what he needs to fight for.