Hazel Dyer is Aerialchinook's first and so far only victor.


Name: Hazel Dyer

District: 9

Gender: female

Age: 17

Personality: kind and full of love. However she does consider herself somewhat evil on the inside.

Back-story: Hazel's mother was the greatest singer in district 9 history. Hazel wanted to be like her mother and began singing lessons when she was 4. she became so great at singing that she was invited to sing at the president of panems house. One of the men at the party who was the head gamemaker for the hunger games fell in love with her. He offerd to let her live in the capitol. All she had to do was marry him when she turned 18. Hazel of course said no. When she got reaped she expcted the head gamemaker of riging the reaping. 

Height: 5'9

Appearance: hazel has long blond hair and blue eyes she also has a little beauty mark on her left cheeck.

Weapon: daggers

Strengths: Making friends,singing and running 

Weaknesses: killing 12 year olds and telling what plants are safe to eat

Fear(s): bugs and swimming 

Bloodbath Strategy: Meet with your alliance and get out of there 


Training Strategy: Be friendly and ready to learn. Talk to people and always have a smile on your face. Dont talk down to anyone


Missy Randos (D5)

Mist Scorchil (D7)

Acheron Bane (D13)

The games: Hazel went under the radar during her time in the feamle arena only killing one tribute. But when she was transported to the third arena she began to show her evil side by betraying her alliance and killing two more people on her way to victory

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