Herman is finished. His district partner is Herleva Diester. When submitting District 2, they don't need to be together, but it is recommended.

Herman's Info

Herman mostrate

Name: Herman Mostrate

District: 2

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Herman is friendly and very sweet with the ones that he likes. But he is kinda silent, so he will not approach people that he never met.

Backstory: Herman was born in a normal family, and his parents always had money enough to take care of him and buy some food. Herman had an autist and young sister, called Maliah. Herman liked Maliah more than anything around the world. When his mother was murdered by some Peacekeepers due a crim that she did not do, his father called Tattunn went crazy and he started to get drunk as the other old and widowers mans around his district. Then, his father went away from home and Herman started to work as popsicle vendor around the empty streets of his district, just to pay food and warmth for Maliah. They started to live a perfect life, training and stuff, but when Herman was fourteen years old, and Maliah was twelve years old, their father came back to their home. He was drunk and he was needing money to buy more beer. He asked some money to Herman, but he recused it. His father went crazy and pushed Herman on the cold ground, and a scar opened on his right arm. He started to yell, and he heard some feminine murmurs coming out the kitchen. He ran towards it and he found his father spanking Maliah to the death. Tattunn grabbed a bottle of bear and punched Maliah with it. Herman's young sister fell to the floor with three holes on the right cheek. The glass cut her cheek and she started to cough blood, and finally, die. Herman got crazy immediately, and he shoved a knife at his father's back. On the next day, the mayor sent him to a govern orphanage, but he recused it. They asked where he would live, and he said that he will live on the music center. There, he found his love for piano and he put two artificial wings to show everyone in the district that he is free as a bird.

Height: 5'6

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Bow & Arrow, Knifes

Strengths: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Speed

Weaknesses: Long Running, Brute Strenght

Fears: Light flashes on his eyes.

Interview Angle: He will act silent and he will answer with few words. He will try to make the interviewer comment about his artificial wings.

Bloodbath Strategy: He is kinda fast, so he will run in there to get some knifes or a bow, maybe some food and water too. She may attack tributes but only if provoked.

Token: A dark snake doll.

Alliance: Solo or district partner.

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